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The Open to Hope Foundation Appoints Sally Grablick Author of ‘The Reason’ As a Forum EditorFeatured PR

Dr. Gloria Horsley, Founder and President of the Open to Hope Foundation and Host of “Open to Hope Radio ” and Dr. Heidi Horsley, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Open to Hope Foundation and Co-Host of “Open To Hope Radio” announce their new forums.
New York, NY, United States of America ( 10/11/2011
Drs. Gloria & Heidi Horsley, on their nationally syndicated talk radio program, the “Open to Hope Show”, will announce the launch of a new forum:

Dreams, Signs and Connections

Those who have experienced spirit contact with their deceased loved ones will now have an opportunity to share their experiences with others on the Open to Hope Foundation website. Sally Grablick has been appointed as the Forum Editor and will be responding to posts.

“Spirit contact is not only possible, it does in fact happen to many, many people – I’m just not afraid to talk about it, “states Grablick. “The Open to Hope Foundation is providing a forum where grieving hearts can share these uplifting experiences. Many grief stricken people have shared their stories with me, and I have found that butterflies, music, feathers, rainbows, and numbers, are common signs received from the other side. These signs provide hope to the bereaved, because they offer a connection to our lost loved ones.” Grablick attributes the bulk of her recovery to the signs she received from her son, Ryan, after his suicide.

Grablick’s book, The Reason: Help and Hope for Those Who Grieve is a story is about grief recovery. It is a true-to-life account about the lessons learned, tools used and insights gained as she navigated her way through grief to hope. One such tool relies on a person’s ability to cultivate openness to the presence of their loved ones spirit. The ability to recognize signs and receive messages – both spoken and silent – are gracefully woven together, forming the bigger picture that can bring closure and peace.

Those who have had an experience related to a dream, sign or connection from their deceased loved one, are encouraged to share their story of hope. Visit , click on the Community Forums button and choose the Dream, Signs and Connections forum.

About Sally Grablick
Sally Grablick is the author of, The Reason: Help and Hope for Those Who Grieve, which recently won the USA “Best Books 2011” Award, in the Heath: Death and Dying category. She lost her son to suicide in 2002. Her road to recovery began by reading over 100 books on grief, spirituality, and the afterlife. A seeker by nature, she began formulating a recovery plan by exploring the ideas presented within these books. Knowing her efforts would benefit others; she created the “cliff notes” to grief, and has made it her mission to provide comfort and direction to the bereaved. She is a speaker and avid supporter of the Compassionate Friends, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and the Survivors of Suicide organizations. You can visit her website at



Dr. Heidi Horsley, PsyD, LMSW, MS, is a bereaved sibling and a licensed psychologist and social worker. Dr. Heidi is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Open to Hope Foundation ( and an adjunct professor at Columbia University. She has a private practice in Manhattan, NY specializing in grief and loss. She is also author of “Teen Grief Relief” and “Real Men Do Cry”. She holds graduate degrees from the University of San Francisco, Columbia University, and Loyola


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