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The Shark Sleeping Bag called Chumbuddy GreyFeatured PR

Shark sleeping bags are inherently popular as a conversation piece at sleepovers or when going camping. One of the most popular to hit the markets is the Chumbuddy Grey. It is handmade, 7 feet long, with a fleece outer lining that is poly-filled. This 30 pound monster is sure to keep you warm at night!
Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada ( 16/11/2011

""This sleeping bag is awesome! I don't bring it anywhere; I just use it on my bed. It is so warm in the winter, and the shark's upper jaw makes me feel so protected. Like I am literally sleeping in a cocoon.""

The Chumbuddy Grey is one of the most popular shark sleeping bags available. It is handmade by a home based business. It was created due to the popularity of shark sleeping bags, and the surprising lack of quality found in the ones that were available at the time.

It seemed unfortunate for such a good product idea to go to waste on half-baked products. This Chumbuddy Grey sleeping bag is hand sewn and poly-filled with an outer lining made of fleece in a pleasant grey color. It weighs 30 pounds and is 7 feet long. This means that even an adult who is 6 feet tall can fit into this thing!

There a few shark sleeping bags that look a bit like the Chumbuddy Grey, but they appear to lack some of the qualities that make a good sleeping bag. For $30 less, one can purchase an imitation Chumbuddy Grey. But one only has to look closely at the photos to see the difference in texture, size, and quality. They seem limp and thin; not very comforting on a warm winter's day. They also do not have that beautifully colored fleece exterior. To purchase a shark sleeping bag, one usually considers the look and feel of the item. At its core, a sleeping bag should feel plush and warm.

The Chumbuddy Grey, weighing 30 pounds, is said to be even warmer than other sleeping bags, and is comparable in warmth to the ones issued by the military. Cold will not get through it, since it is poly-filled to retain the shape of the shark. The outer shell resembles a child's toy with a bright bluish grey color, and looks nice and plush over the poly-fill.

Overall, it has had great reviews for being a nice conversation piece at overnight parties. In fact, word-of-mouth has been the mainstay of the Chumbuddy Grey manufacturer's business. It is especially popular among children who, at sleepovers, want to make a mark. Since it is also a good looking plush toy, some parents have opted to buy the Chumbuddy as a decorative piece to put in the corner of a child's room.

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