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With an exhaustive list of names and their meanings, is indeed a dictionary of names
Bakersfield, CA, United States of America ( 15/11/2011
After preliminary enquiries about the mother and the baby’s health, the next thing that people ask, is the name of the baby. Do names affect the personality of the person? What does it mean to associate a name to a person? It may be difficult to find answers to questions like these, but it is indeed possible to know the meaning of a name before parents decide one for their child. is a complete dictionary of names ( ) that aims to help parents to choose a name that is apt for their son or daughter. With an exhaustive list that includes thousands of names, the site is a repository of names from various cultures, religious beliefs, and countries. Users can search for meaning of names that are categorized under masculine, feminine, and unisex names. They can also search for names by origin, usage, and of course, meanings.

Users can also contribute to the website by submitting a new name along with the details including gender, meaning, and linguistic and historical origin.

“The site is an effort of Igor Katsev, whose hobby it is to know about the etymology of names. The website is a result of years of research by Igor in collecting the different names and their meanings. Today, there are thousands of name meanings ( ) along with their origin. The list is wide and varied, including names of more than 50 different name origins, from Akkadian and Arabic to Vietnamese and Yiddish. And as for names by usage, the choice varies from African and Albanian to Welsh and Yoruba names,” says the spokesperson for

If names have the power to influence the personality of a person, it indeed makes sense for parents to choose from names that are likely to positively influence the child’s life.

About The site is a great reference for parents looking for names for their children. With an expansive list of names, it is indeed the ideal choice for parents to be.
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Masculine and Feminine Names website is a free dictionary of names created by Igor Katsev, who has a passion for discovering the etymology of names. The website acts as a great resource for finding the meaning and origin of names, along with their historical and religious significance. For more details, visit


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