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CSN910 Dimensioner Meets Multi-Operational Needs

To meet the multi-operational needs of today’s Transport and Logistics (T&L) industry, METTLER TOLEDO’s has designed the CSN910 dimensioner with multiple features that increase productivity, accuracy and security. Approved according to national and international standards, it guarantees reliable results for use over tilt trays, crossbelts or any other type of sorting system.
Griefensee, Zurich, United Kingdom ( 17/11/2011
The CSN910 dimensioner is an unattended, overhead data capture unit that automatically determines the length, width and height of items transported on a conveyor. It is designed for easy integration into package sorting depots, baggage handling terminals and warehouses.

With embedded application software no external PC is needed, making the CSN910 compact and cost-effective.

The dimensioner can measure objects as large as approximately 249 x 122 x 71 cm and down to a single sheet of paper.

The dimensioner can be used as a standalone unit for dimensioning only or integrated as part of a data capture solution and sorting system.

The dimensioner is a key component in the CSN910 FlexFlow that captures the length, width and height of parcels and scans the ID, and the TLX MultiCapture, which is a complete, in-motion data capture solution designed to be integrated into parcel handling conveyor systems.

Since space optimization is a primary concern in the T&L industry, accurate measurement matters. The CSN910 includes a number of software features that help ensure high read rate.

The CSN910 has its own embedded dimensioning software. The built-in software can measure irregular shapes in non legal-for-trade applications, detect oversized parcels and bags, classify non-measurable shapes for diverting and has side-by-side detection for improved package flow.

As an added value, the dimensioner has a built-in firewall so that only authorised personnel and devices have access to the data. The customised Linux based operating system is resistant to all known viruses and all data is stored securely in a legal for trade alibi database.

Whether the CSN910 is used for revenue recovery, space optimization or inventory control, the dimensioner can be easily customized to suit almost all data capture needs.


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