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Order efficient industrial new and used equipment online from M&E Equipment Traders

M&E Equipment Traders is a reputed company that provides assorted ranges of new and used equipments for different industrial applications.
South Granville, South Granville, Australia ( 18/11/2011
We offer variety of new and used equipments such as air compressors, conveyor, stainless steel tanks, electric motors, pumps and many more. We have customer from food processing, chemical, beverage, packaging, material handling, pharmaceutical, packaging and various other industries.

Mixers @

We provide variety of equipments such as automatic bag weighing, filling and sealing line, closing equipment, liquid agitators like IBC Mixers, material handling equipment and many more under our new equipment category for different industrial use. We also offer used equipments for different industry purposes like material handling, drying separation, blending, and packaging and to perform various other important industrial tasks. You can also get used and efficient Electrical Motors from us. We have the biggest stock of used products in Australia that comprises more than 40 categories of products. We use expert technique to dismantle plants so that we can provide you efficient used equipments that can work flawlessly.

Electric Motors @

We also offer competent new and used electrical equipment that are preferred by customers of varying industries. We should be the ultimate destination if you are looking for New Electrical Cable as we have stock of quality electrical cables. We have steel wired armored, orange circular, fire rated, security, flexible EMC, flats, industrial cables that can fulfill every customized needs of your company. We have skilled staff that is always ready to deal with any of issue related to our equipments.

Electrical Cable @

Variety of products are included in our new equipments product category such as stainless steel process tanks, liquid mixing equipments, Conveying, material handling, bag packing and closing equipments. Beside new electrical, we also provide variety of used electrical to perform major functions of company. All our used and new equipment are available in affordable price. Our dedicated staff is ready to answer all your queries to enhance the working capacity of your organization. You can maintain constant work flow at your organization while using our equipments as their working capacity is outstanding. Visit our website to know more about our quality products that can ensure the maximum productivity of your organization.

M&E Equipment Traders
4-8 Ferndell Street
South Granville NSW 2142
TEL: 02 9725 6477
FAX: 02 9725 6166


M&E Equipment Traders are proud of their past and excited about their future as the biggest stockists of used industrial process equipment in Australia.


M&E Equipment Traders

4-8 Ferndell Street
Zipcode : NSW 2142
02 9725 6166

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