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Taipei based supplier has years of experience in serving worldwide customers with high quality chlorella and spirulina products
Taipei, Da-an District, Taiwan ( 06/12/2011, the Taiwan based company, is proud to serve thousands of customers worldwide with 100% premium quality chlorella products at wholesale prices. Chlorella, which is considered to be a super food, is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are essential for normal body functioning and boosting immunity. With years of experience, the company has been promoting high quality chlorella and spirulina products.

“Intake of chlorella regularly keeps you stay healthy and fit for years”, says the spokesperson for, “this nutritional whole food has the essential fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals and other vital supplements, and proves to be good for digestion and over all well-being of human body.”

Chlorella along with spirulina is packed with nutrients and is recommended that regular consumption of this effective product is proved to help support and improve human health. People who’ve never consumed Chlorella can give it a try in order to experience an enhanced health within days.

Another exceptional role chlorella products has in improving human body functioning is detoxification, which is the process of removal of toxic substances. Wholefoods like chlorella has this unique capability and there are a number of clinical studies and researches made earlier which proves this natural product to be an excellent source for gaining a healthy skin and fit body.

“I strongly recommend Chlorella if you need the nutrition essential for an excellent health. Our company has its highest priority as helping people to get high quality chlorella at very reasonable prices”, adds the spokesperson, when speaking about their services. announces a seasonal sale with a massive discount of 30% on their 3KG packs for this Christmas. Coupon code for availing discount is on the website and customers who buy these healthy products for wholesale prices till the end of December are eligible for getting this offer.

Chlorella supplied by this company is of fine-grade and produced in Taiwan using organic methods and the highest quality control standards. The company is determined with a primary goal of providing customers with high quality chlorella and spirulina at reasonable prices.


Chlorella Fella is a Taipei based supplier of chlorella and spirulina products to people all over the world. New Christmas sale has been announced by the company with 30% discount to customers who make a purchase within the end of December when ordering their 3KG packages. For more details, visit



Chlorella Fella, based on Taipei, Taiwan, is a reputable supplier of premium quality chlorella and spirulina products. The company has been serving customers all over the world with health supplements at lower prices. For more details, visit


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