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Greedy Phone Giants challenged by new roaming SIM card for Travellers

A new roaming SIM card company is challenging ‘greedy’ phone giants who overcharge customers for internet access and calls abroad.
London, London, United Kingdom ( 07/12/2011
The Australian Business Traveller recently reported that Prime Minister Julia Gillard met her New
Zealand counterpart John Key to address the issue of customers getting charged unexpectedly high
bills whilst using their phones abroad. Australians currently pay up to A$20/MB to use data in global
roaming mode, and up to A$4.40 per minute to call back to Australia.

After ten years of development, the NowRoam SIM card helps prevent phone users from paying
ridiculously high fee charges for surfing the internet and making calls whilst travelling overseas.
Customers can relax knowing that their important information is protected whilst using Wi-Fi abroad,
and be comforted by the fact that their phone bill will not be larger than expected.

NowRoam creator and managing director Rune Sovndahl believes that the new roaming SIM will give
people peace of mind when using their phones overseas.

He said: “The NowRoam SIM really is fighting back against the mobile phone giants that are
choosing to unnecessarily charge customers more than they are expecting for their recent phone use
at home and abroad.”

“It gives customers the opportunity to see exactly how much they will be spending and calculates the
amount of data they need before they start surfing and downloading.”

“The greed of some phone companies is highlighted by the amount they are charging for a roaming
SIM card; some companies are offering them at ridiculous prices.”

“People should have access points that enable them to see exactly how much they will be charged
for using the internet no matter where they are in the world; this is something that we have
incorporated into the NowRoam experience by giving customers a personal online account.”

The NowRoam SIM is compatible with all types of smartphone, and has coverage available in over
200 countries worldwide. The SIM connects quickly and efficiently to maximise mobile Internet
surfing time, ensuring that customers need never search for the best network connections and lose
touch with friends and family again.

Rune added: “The SIM device has a number of benefits to the customer; they can expect to save
up to 80% in comparison with normal roaming services and stay on top of their spending no matter
where they are in the world.”

“By giving each customer a personal online account, their data will be protected; when travelling
abroad it is easy to link to a Wi-Fi connection that enables other users to access personal

To get started with a NowRoam SIM, customers can simply purchase, add credit, and activate the
card online.

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