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The Speical Offer for AyRecovery Professional is OverFeatured PR

iToolsoft team held a week special offer for product AyRecovery Professional, which received good feedback from the customers
Nanjing, JS, China ( 27/04/2010

"Is there anybody still unfamiliar with AyRecover Professional? It is the best choice for system retore software."

Is there anybody still unfamiliar with AyRecover Professional? It is the best choice for system retore software. Last week, iToolsoft team held a special offer of AyRecovery Professional, which received quite a lot of good comments from the customers.

Now allow me to introduce the powerful system restore software for you again, it has a lot of advantages that worth recommended:

What is AyRecovery Professional?

AyRecovery Professional is the best PC protection software in the market. It is a big leap in technology protecting computers from virus, user/system problems that has never been available before. AyRecovery protects PCs virtually from any software problems and allows computer users, regardless their skill levels, to fix their computer problems easily and quickly just in a few seconds.

The Strong Points of AyrRecovery Professional

a) Using AyRecovery Professional, any of your individual or company files will be backup and recovered in seconds.

b) AyRecovery Professional doesn’t require hidden partition or reserved space to install. It supports up to 1000 snapshots, takes a snapshot in 5 seconds without restarting the PC, and restores a snapshot in less than 10 seconds. The snapshot just remembers the current status of your hard drive and it doesn’t copy data as backup, and thus snapshots do not take any space themselves, they shown as a form of virtual drive. It allows file recovery from snapshots and snapshot encryption to prevent data thief in the event of lost PC.

c) Another shinning point of the AyRecovery Professional, it works even if Windows OS fails and all the operation is automatically. You can create up to 1000 snapshots, which means you can remember 1000 status of your computer, when something goes wrong with your computer, snapshots can restore system back to what they have remembered. It is simple to restore, you just need 10 seconds and a reboot, and then all is done.

Where to get it?

Someone may doubt since the special offer for AyRecovery Professional is coming to an end, whether it is available? Yes, it is still available on the website , but since the special offer is not valid now, it will cost the full price. One thing need to be emphasized, though the special offer for AyRecovery Professional is over, there are still other products that is or will be on sale! Check for more information, you can still go to iToolsoft's homepage, you may find some surprise there and pick a big bargain there!

As new technology developing, system restore may be the primary way to settle the computer problems. Ayrecovery Professional will meet all your needs about system restore, and the iToolsoft team won't stop at this point, instead, they will keep developing,and provide even better service for every customer, so that the customer can enjoy the most recent version of every product from iToolsoft technology. Choosing iToolsoft software, the customer can take everything easy and have a nice experience with the quality service.

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