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Mad Snail Travel Group Promises Heaven in Costa Rica for Adventure-Travel EnthusiastsFeatured PR

Costa Rica is a place rich in natural wonders and is a treat for adventure-travel enthusiasts looking to experience heaven on earth.
Madrid, Madrid, Spain ( 15/12/2011
Costa Rica is a very small country- almost the size of the State of West Virginia. But the rich bio diversity makes up for the size, with pristine and coral lined beaches, active volcanoes and dense rainforests. The Mad Snail Travel Group arranges Costa Rica adventure tours ( ) for people looking for some adrenaline rush and would like to experience nature at its best.

There’s plenty of action including bird watching, river rafting and kayaking in the Pacuare River, surfing in the beaches, besides spending some time golfing in one of the several luxury resorts and boutique hotels in the country. Typical Costa Rica holidays ( ) with Mad Snail Travel Group involves exploring the jungles of Corcovado, experiencing the volcanoes of the Gunacaste region, river rafting on the rivers of the jungle, and traveling to the remotest parts of the country. In fact, some of these places are very remote and can be travelled only by plane.

Costa Rica is an incredibly diverse country and a playground for nature lovers. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve for instance, is a delight for tourists where it’s not only the large mammals like ocelots, jaguars, and tapirs, but also the tiny little insects, and plants that captivate people. From large tarantulas, to parasitic plants like fig roots, the forest is home to millions of insects and plants.

The country was practically not known to the rest of the world until the 90’s when adventure seekers discovered it. And since then it has become very popular among expats looking to settle amidst the calm and serene beaches and forests of the country. These expats are also responsible for the many luxury resorts boutique hotels, and lodges in Guanacaste, San Jose and Corcovado.

“At Mad Snail Travel, the effort is to allow visitors, experience the place up close and personal, without having to compromise on comfort and security. Accommodations are arranged in luxury resorts to ensure that people enjoy their stay, yet stay close to nature,” says Enrique, the tour guide who specializes in Costa Rica travel ( ).

About Mad Snail Travels: The travel group is an effort of a group of friends with a passion for travel and adventure. Besides Costa Rica, they have been arranging tours to Nepal, Spain, and Greece.

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The travel company is a dream project of a group of friends, travel professionals and enthusiasts who cater travel opportunities where one gets to enjoy a place up-close and personal.To know more, visit,


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