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Why Do Students Feel the Need to Cheat?Featured PR

Students of all ages may feel compelled to cheat for any number of reasons including social acceptance of academic dishonesty.
Seattle, WA, United States of America ( 11/01/2012
Students of all ages may feel compelled to cheat for any number of reasons including social acceptance of academic dishonesty. When major politicians and other individuals in a seat of power are allowed to forge their own Ph. D. documentation, suddenly cheating on your high school science final does not seem like such a big deal. Other reasons include the emphasis placed upon obtaining a degree. Another determining factor in why a student may cheat includes stress. Stress plays an important role in our ability to recall data.

Every student understands the importance of doing well in school, though some families place more of an emphasis on getting good grades than others. Students under an immense amount of pressure to succeed suffer from phenomenal amounts of stress which affect their short term memory( ). They may know the information on an exam prior to the exam, but when faced with the stress of undertaking a final examination, the stress may prove to be too much.

Effective methods to improve the quality of both short and long-term memory function can be found in Trevor Ponder's The Elements of Memory. The techniques featured in the book can be used as courses to strengthen the brain and work in tandem with traditional approaches to studying. The Elements of Memory underscore the magnitude of memorization. The more you repeat a phrase to yourself, the more likely you will be able to recall it once it has passed from your short-term to your long-term memory.

Studying works on much the same basis. Students are required to memorize certain facts, figures, and equations, then use logic and reasoning to apply the sometimes abstract concepts to a broader topic. However, many students are not versed in the proper ways to memorize and recall information in a manner that is useful and conducive to test taking in a stressful environment. Stress is an underlying factor in why some students feel the need to cheat. Certain students have an innate ability to remember topics that they have learned. Others have different learning processes and may benefit from constant repetition or learning to associate certain topics and information with a word or some other triggering mechanism.

The Elements of Memory should be a product that every parent looks at for a child of school age. The lessons contained in the book will benefit students of all ages, young and old.

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