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"What's in a name?" You might be surprised. A visit to may reveal to readers that there is more to a name than they had imagined. This website offers hundreds of name origins and first name meanings, which are categorized male / female / unisex, alphabetical order, by origin, usage, and meaning. This site is a wealth of information about names from all over the world, so it holds interest for a number of different types of people. is an excellent resource for parents-to-be. Expecting parents all over the world agonize over lists of names as they try to narrow down the perfect name for their sons and daughters, but this website offers valuable information that can help when making those tough decisions. Families that would like to reflect their ethnic heritage can look up names linked specifically to dozens of different nationalities, religions, geographical locations, or cultures. The lists of names are sometimes so extensive that people find names from their own cultures that they have never even heard before. Other parents may want a child's name to reflect a certain type of meaning, or simply to sound nice and begin with a certain letter. Whatever their criteria, parents are sure to gain access to valuable information at

Some people want to find interesting names for other reasons. Many pet owners are not satisfied with the cliché pet names, and they want something unique. They can look up names that convey certain meanings that they associate with the pet, or names that reflect the pet's origins. For instance, owners of an Irish Wolf Hound may want to find a Celtic name for the dog. Owners of a bird from South America may want to give the bird a Spanish or Portuguese name. This site opens up a fun new world of possibilities. The meaning of names may be the main factor of pet owners' choices, especially when the name really capture's an animal's personality.

Writers can also benefit greatly from because creative writers often have a difficult time coming up with realistic character names. The average person probably does not think much about the process that goes into writing novels, short stories, plays, and screenplays, but many moviegoers may have noticed that people of certain cultural backgrounds are often portrayed stereotypically, including stereotypical names that are used over and over again in American films (Russian men are almost always named Boris and Middle Eastern men are usually named Mohamed). This website offers creative people an encyclopedia of real names from countries and ethnic origins around the world, so it is easy to find interesting, culturally appropriate names for characters. Some writers who work in the Science Fiction or Fantasy genres who want to make up exotic names choose to peruse the website for names that they like phonetically, and then they simply change the spelling of the name to make it seem more unique. By looking up the origin of names, writers can narrow down a list of names that they think will capture the sound and feel that they are going for (they may know that they want the name to sound Scandinavian, or sound African), and then they can move on from there to choose the specific names. There are many uses for this exceptional online resource, and users will probably go on to find many more.

About provides first name meanings and name origins from all over the world. People who are choosing names for children or pets, or people who want to learn the origin of names or meaning of names of people they know will find this website to be very helpful. For more information, please visit .



Masculine and Feminine Names website is a free dictionary of names created by Igor Katsev, who has a passion for discovering the etymology of names. The website acts as a great resource for finding the meaning and origin of names, along with their historical and religious significance. For more details, visit


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