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Discover The Advantages To Owning Real Estate Yucatan Mexico

If you want to buy or sell a property in Yucatan, then browse through You can search from various categories of properties that are up for sale such as restored historic homes, newer neighborhoods, beach, commercial, ranches and country homes. If owing a home is not in your budget, then you can get good properties that are interested in renting. The estate group has experienced architects and designers that offer honest services to the clients.
Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico ( 20/01/2012
Find out how our real estate Yucatan services here at Casa Yucatán Real Estate and show you a superb variety of choices, as well as help you with every legal process that is involved in purchasing real estate Merida Mexico. We can show you innumerable properties for sale Merida Mexico, from newer homes, restored older homes, commercial, beach homes for sale Yucatán Mexico and more. Our real estate team is highly experienced architects and designers, and can provide you with superior services for all of your real estate Mexico needs.

We have a great understanding of the laws regarding real estate Yucatán, and encourage you to discover for yourself how warm, friendly, family-oriented and safe Merida Mexico truly is. It is one of the safest places on earth, and Merida Mexico is statistically safer than any other city you may be coming from. In addition, it is completely legal for you to own real estate Yucatán, regardless of your country of origin.

The Mexican government cannot take your property from you, as there are many real estate laws that protect the rights of property owners. Our real estate Yucatán services can explain these laws to you, as well as the fidecomiso. The fidecomiso is something that is required for you to own real estate Yucatán in certain areas.

You are required to engage a Mexican bank to hold the title to your property using this contract, as it creates a trust to your benefit. The bank that you choose has a fiduciary obligation to you, and you will retain all benefits of ownership, as well as all of the legal rights available associated with all real estate Mexico. The fidecomiso is currently a 50 your document, so after 50 years, you will need to renew it again

We can also help you with all information the only in order to close your property in the Yucatán, pay your property taxes, find mortgage financing, insurance and much more. We have extensive experience in real estate Mexico, and can help you find a variety of financial institutions to assist you, as well as understanding any restrictions that may be placed on your property. In Merida Mexico, there are areas that impose legal restrictions, in order to adhere to the authenticity of Merida.

We can let you know about these restrictions, as well as renovations, building and much more. We can also inform you of the health, home, and car insurance and much more, that are available in Mexico, regardless of where you come from. All of us here at Casa Yucatán Real Estate would be more than happy to assist you in all of your Merida Mexico real estate needs.

We are available on the Internet at www.CasaYucatá, where you can browse through all of the listings available, or send us an e-mail where we can answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you're in the area, we encourage you to come by our office at Calle 25# 137 X 32 Prolongacion Paseo de Montejo, Colonia Buenavista, Merida, Yucatan, or call us at + 52 (999) 9267705.


Hire real estate Yucatan based services at Casa Yucatan Real Estate. The company offers a wide variety of choices and assists you with all the legal processes of purchasing real estate Merida Mexico.


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