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Steven Pinkert of Pinkert & Marsh, P.A. Showcases Excellent Photography SkillsFeatured PR

Steven Pinkert is not only a professional attorney with his own law firm, but additionally takes up photography in his spare time
Dunedin, FL, United States of America ( 22/02/2012
Steven Pinkert, managing and founding partner of Pinkert & Marsh, P.A. law firm, is a practicing photographer in his spare time. With over forty years of experience, Pinkert has developed magnificent photography skills. He has mastered many different techniques, developing quite shooting and processing Ektachrome in the 80s.

Pinkert has travelled around the world, including countries such as China, India, Africa, and Morocco. Many of Steven Pinkert's photographs showcase the culture, landscape, and beauty of his travels, all of which are available for viewing at

Steven Pinkert lives in South Florida with his wife of 35 years. He is a renowned lawyer of his own firm, Pinkert & Marsh, P.A., practicing in a variety of areas including real estate, bar admission, bar grievance, transactional law, patents and trademarks, and commercial litigation.

As digital DSLR's have increased in popularity as of late, Pinkert uses Nikon equipment for his photographs taken during trips. His photographs range from simple natural photographs to vivid wild life. These pictures have been posted to his blog. Pinkert's various photograph collections include wild animals such as zebras, lions, monkeys, giraffes, and goats, as well as culture, including habitants of local communities in their everyday lives. Pinkert has the ability to capture life and to convert it into vivid and tangible art. A few of the photographs posted on his website date back to his earliest travels, however all display his talent and ability to naturally capture any scene.

Steven Pinkert is not only an expert photographer, but is managing partner of his own law firm. Pinkert & Marsh, P.A. is known for its quality and professional service offered to clients. Pinkert has helped clients receive large damage awards for their legal claims.

Steven Pinkert regularly updates his personal blog with various photograph collections taken during his travels around the world. His passion for photography is evident in the beauty of each aesthetically pleasing picture.

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Steven Pinkert is a professional lawyer of Pinkert & Marsh, P.A. and additionally is an excellent photographer. He captures rare images using a Nikon equipment, all of which can be viewed at



Currently, Pinkert is a lawyer practicing in South Florida where both he and his family reside. Pinkert is a partner in his Coral Gables law firm, Florida. His law firm’s website is . For additional details, please visit .


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