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Leaders in Kontakt Lens- ACUVUE promise money back guarantee for unsatisfactory lensesFeatured PR

The Turkish wing of ACUVUE has promised a 100 per cent money back guarantee for unsatisfactory lenses
Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey ( 27/02/2012
Kontakt lens manufacturer ACUVUE has promised a 100 per cent refund of money if their lenses are found to be unsatisfactory. To initiate the process, the customer is required to speak to the ACUVUE eye doctor and discuss the issue with him. If the issue remains unresolved, he/she can fill the application form (for refund), along with the prescription and bills, and the most recent examination. The refund is applicable for 90 days on the kontakt lens and not for any other attachment.

"Eye doctors and ophthalmologists all over the world trust us for the best contact lenses. We are 100 per cent assured of our service and can hence make this claim. The product is a part of the prestigious Johnson and Johnson brand, and hence known for their strict adherence to quality. Every product offered to the customer, passes through stringent quality control tests," says the spokesperson for ACUVUE.

They currently sell different types of kontakt lenses to address different problems. For instance, the ACUVUE Moist is a special lens that promises to keep eyes moist and fresh even after using it for the entire day. At the end of the day, the lens can be thrown, and a fresh contact lens used. The ACUVUE OASYS with Hydraclear have the highest UV-A and UV-B protection available for all contact lenses, and are ideal for use in tough surroundings. They stay comfortable even after all day wear. The ACUVUE OASYS for Astigmatism is for people suffering from astigmatism, and for people suffering from blurred or fluctuating vision, or are experiencing discomfort when wearing lenses. Besides these there's also the TruEye, Advance Plus, Advance with Hydraclear, Advance for Astigmatism, 2 Colors, and the Bifocal.

The Company also promises a free trial version, where users need to meet the nearest ACUVUE kontakt lens doctor and try the best lens out. And when they decide to by the product, they can avail a rebate.

"Every kontakt lens manufactured by ACUVUE is safe, easy to use, wearable, and comes with a wide variety of designs, materials, and wear schedules. These lenses are very thin and hence permeable to oxygen. In fact, it feels as if you have nothing in your eyes," adds the spokesperson.

About ACUVUE: ACUVUE is a product of Johnson and Johnson Vision Care and is a well known manufacturer of contact lenses. It is the leading brand of soft disposable contact lenses.

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The Company is a part of Johnson and Johnson Vision Care and is a world leader in kontak lens. To know more, visit


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