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Horse Shelters And Motorcycle Shelters are Top Sellers in FebruaryFeatured PR

Horses and motorcycles – who wins, who loses?
Alpharetta, GA, United States of America ( 06/03/2012
What's better - a horse or a motorcycle? You may say that this is a nonsensical question, and you'd be mostly right. Horses and motorbikes are totally distinct entities, so much so that they barely even fit into the same Aristotelian category, in addition to appealing to women of completely different temperaments.

However, our active minds have been inspired by our work at Calloway portable shelters, and a question has slowly formed itself before our better judgment could snip it in the bud. Both horse and motorcycle shelters have been hot sellers in February; what if somebody who owned both a horse and a motorbike bought one of each portable shelter, installed them next to one another, tied up the door flaps, and organized a no-holds-barred, pedal to the metal race between the warm-blooded thoroughbred and the metal steed.

On a flat surface, almost any motorcycle can beat a horse. A specially bred quarter horse can run up to 55 miles an hour, but this is only true of rare individuals - even thoroughbred racers seldom clock anything over thirty-five miles. It don't take a Kawasaki to best this performance; any middle-aged lady on a motor scooter could show red lights to her competitor.

Now, with a couple of logs and ravines in the way, the situation changes drastically. The ability to jump and sidestep is a pretty sweet bonus on cross terrain; while dirt bikes can overcome some pretty daunting obstacles, trying to work up decent speed on rough terrain is a constant struggle to avoid becoming buried in the ground helmet-first.

On endurance, wheeled transport probably has the edge, especially if there's a bit of speed in the race. Over long distances, a motorcycle won't insist on being fed as forcefully as a horse would. However, due to various geological circumstances, when a bike runs out of fuel, it's dead on the mountain, whereas a horse could find a way to replenish its strength, as long as there are green plants around.

This fanciful and unrealistic thought experiment has been brought to you courtesy of, a fine purveyor of portable shelters for animate and inanimate tenants alike.

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