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Arjit Gandharva is the Pick of the Week on

Arjit Gandharva is the “Songdew Pick” of the week on - India’s most innovative platform for artists and listeners that provides innovative tools for artists to spread and promote their music.
Mumbai, MH, India ( 06/03/2012
Arjit Gandharva has released 2 new songs on Songdew – “Staying Alive” and “The chosen one” that are growing popular. To check out his songs and videos and to know more about Arjit Gandharva log on to

Songdew picks up a new rising artist every week be promoted as the “Songdew Pick of the week” on the website. The artists are selected on the basis of their newly released music on Songdew that is innovative, aspiring and is being applauded by the listeners of Songdew. Arjit Gandharwa is the latest addition in the series of such rising stars.

Songdew is a growing rage amongst new and established singers, songwriters, producers Djs and composers who are using Songdew as a platform to collaborate with other artists , share their music with their fans and listeners, promote their music using cutting edge tools and also distributing it directly to their fans and listeners. Within a short span of time there are 3000+ artists who are using the service to spread and promote their music.

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