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Effective Weight Loss Solutions through Products Such as Capsiplex, Proactol & MeratolFeatured PR

Weight loss supplements like Capsiplex, Proactol and Meratol have gained popularity, but are they effective. And what about their side effects
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore ( 12/03/2012
With obesity reaching endemic proportions in developed countries, weight loss supplements have become more popular than ever. But are they really effective, and do they possess the risk of side effects? Weight loss professionals are now analyzing the effectiveness of three such products; Capsiplex, Proactol, and Meratol.

"There are several studies to prove that chilli peppers contains ingredients that causes people to lose weight and fight fat. Capsicum, the main ingredient in Capsiplex helps to reduce appetite, increase metabolism, burn calories, besides reducing fat. The product is differentiated by its delivery mechanism. The capsicum extract is protected through a proprietary patented mechanism that ensures the effectiveness of the capsaicinoids," says one weight loss professional at The presence of Niacin could be the only possible downside of this supplement. Niacin is known for its anti-clotting properties. People sensitive to caffeine may sometimes experience sleep disorders with Capsiplex.

As for Proactol, this is a clinically proven all natural weight loss supplement that helps the body fight fat. They are certified to be a medical device, and are endorsed by leading diet and fitness gurus. The main ingredient in Proactol, cactus prickly pear, is known to contain non soluble fibers. These fibers bind with the food molecules to form a gel like substance that takes time to be absorbed by the digestive system. The only downside to using this supplement could be the uneasy feeling of fullness after every meal. Also, some people find it difficult to digest food because of Proactol.

Meratol is also a 100 per cent natural weight loss supplement that is made from ingredients such as capsicum, the prickly pear cactus, brown algae, and caffeine. The ingredients work in tandem to affect the amount of food people eat. If prickly pear forms a gel that makes food indigestible, capsicum helps by burning fat, and brown algae blocks the carbs from being processed thereby preventing fat from being deposited in the body. But the downside to this is that it contains significant amount of caffeine and hence not suitable for pregnant and lactating women, or people with caffeine sensitivity issues.

Although these products are effective, they are to be coordinated with a regular exercise regime.

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