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Zigma’s TuffTrak Road Matting: The Future of Temporary Road Ways

The Future of Temporary Road Ways
Essex, Stansted, United Kingdom ( 16/03/2012
Since the launch in 2010 of TuffTrak®, Zigma®’s innovative heavy duty road mat has been widely used across the civil engineering, construction, transmission and oil and gas sectors involving a number of high profile contracts;

•National Grid – Gas, required a sustainable temporary road mat, to provide the safe movement of plant and equipment at a number of sites. Partnering with their primary contractor J Murphy and with sustainability at the forefront, TuffTrak® was trialled at a number of sites as part of a 6 month project to install 12 kilometres of gas pipeline. Feedback from both companies concluded that TuffTrak® exceeded their expectations and outperformed other temporary access products they had previously hired.

•On location of the ever popular ITV series ‘Downton Abbey’, the location crew needed to provide a safe and sturdy hard standing area and access road for heavy vehicles including a 100 tonne crane and access for 30 tonne delivery lorries. Approximately 100 TuffTrak® were installed and feedback from the installation company was excellent. They commented, ‘The installation couldn’t have been any easier. I’ve been in the temporary road way business for the past 22 years and in my opinion TuffTrak® is the future of temporary roadways.’

•A leading Oil & Gas driller in North America needed to create hard work pads to provide a safe and level work surface on which to place drilling rigs and other site equipment. Oil & Gas sites push mats to the limit and the senior site operator commented that the few hundred TuffTrak® deployed on the different sites showed no sign of damage and were the strongest mat he’d used.
TuffTrak® is tough and flexible, measures 3m x 2.5m (40mm thick) and is manufactured in recycled high density or ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. It is virtually indestructible and capable of supporting loads up to 150 tonnes*.

TuffTrak key advantages;

•Unique ‘chevron traction’ surface™ reduces the likelihood of vehicle slippage even in the wettest and muddiest conditions.
•295 kg per mat - lighter than alternative products – enables delivery of more mats per truck, substantially reducing fuel costs and carbon emissions.
•Solid one- piece construction avoids absorbing pollutants such as chemicals.
•Loading more mats per truck speeds up the installation process, and reduces costs.
•Range of connection options makes TuffTrak® ideal for either level, highly undulating or soft ground.
•Fast and easy to connect by HIAB or fork lift without the need for expensive equipment.

Zigma® continues to invest heavily in research and development in order that their products remain ‘best in class.’

Shelly Macdermott
Unit 11, M11 Business Link, Pasonage Lane
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The core philosophy of Zigma® is to respond to the demand and needs of its customers and the global market, with a commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions. Zigma®’s products, designed in the UK, are proven to deliver maximum value, performance and safety, and are now manufactured in the UK, Europe and the USA


Shelly Macdermott

Unit 11, M11 Business Link, Pasonage Lane
Zipcode : CM24 8GF
08456 435388

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