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Is Your Welding Machine Ready for Facing Those Environmental Changes?Featured PR

Where is the welder placed? How long do you want to use the welder? Is it safe when we use the welder? When looking for a welding machine, consider quality, price and special features.
Taichung City, dd, Taiwan ( 20/03/2012
Building Reinforcement Construction Machine - Golden Spot BRC Machine, manufactured in Taiwan, an area where is filled with a lot of natural disasters: typhoon, rainstorm, mudflow, flood, earthquake and even tsunami. The first generation of BRC of Golden Spot was created and born in this situation. Its products have strong intensity standing for the environment and welders are operated in normal working environment. Now it's updated and integrated into new generation.

GSA welders, mass production of wire mesh welders, made by Golden Spot Industrial Inc., are equipped with new developed Line Wire feeder, Cross Wire Feeder, Spot Welding System and Output Installation.

The Line Wire Feeder of this Wire Mesh Welder has a main loading bench. Cross wire feeder owns an automatic sole cross wire loading carriage which its speed can be up to 80 pcs per minute (for -6-7mm wires). It carries a bundle of wires (weight 2 tons, length 1000~2400mm, wire diameter 3~10mm, and pitch≧50) into the carriage by traveler and raises safety concern without fear of supplying wires by hand.

The most important part of this welder is the welding controlling system, which is equipped with man-machine interface monitor, and all the parameters and figures can be set on the screen. It monitors and adjusts the weld in real-time to ensure a consistent weld by PLC program. Moreover, the welding time and electric current can be set individually. It's very easy to operate.

Beside these new developed devices, the output Installation also plays a key role in the welder. It can be easily adjusted to make different line wire pitches and pull welded mesh as long as 2.4M for one time.

The application ranges from structures, reinforced concrete road, retaining wall, protection slope, grating trench cover, floor grating, grill floor, metal floor, ribbed and pressed metal mesh, forge-welded grating, concrete reinforcement, construction fence, concrete forming system, reinforcement fabric, concrete meshes, prefabricated steel reinforcing material and fabricated stainless steel wirework, all of construction works can be done by GSA series BRC wire mesh welding machine.

The advanced BRC machines are from Golden Spot Industry Inc., a famous manufacturer for various auto spot welding machineries in Asia, with abundant OEM/ODM experiences in designing and manufacturing spot welders and welding equipments, passing ISO-9001:2008 certificate, certified with CE. Mesh welding machine of Golden Spot impresses global buyers with innovative design, reliable quality. There are more and more BRC machines of Golden Spot favored by the world for year by year. Don't miss the opportunity to visit them.

For more information about the wire mesh welding machine, please visit their website: or contact their sales agents in your local country.

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Golden Spot Industry, a professional manufacturer of various auto spot welding machines, was established in 1979. We have a strict quality control in each stage of the production process from design and manufacturing to finish a machine are accomplished under one roof. We have excellent R&D team and have rewarded almost 40 patent rights- proves the advanced technology. Also, certified with CE and ISO-9001:2000 (R&D) - improves work more effectively.



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