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Green Spirit Hydroponics Announces the 20% Super Sundays Off Plan from the 8th of April OnwardsFeatured PR

Retailers of hydroponic products including hydroponics grow tents and grow lights have announced that their store shall not only remain open on Sundays, but customers can also buy products at a 20% discount
SHEFFIELD, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom ( 20/03/2012
Green Spirit Hydroponics, the Sheffield based retailer of hydroponics products has announced that from April onwards their store at Stanley Street, Sheffield, shall be open seven days a week. And to celebrate this, they have announced a 20% off on everything every Sunday. The first Sunday opening will be on the 8th of April 2012 onwards, from 10am to 4pm.

Green Spirit Hydroponics offers a wide range of products including hydroponics grow tents, grow lights, grow rooms, fans and filters, growing media, pumps and heaters, hydro and organic horticultural supplies, and other indoor gardening accessories. The Store is a full service source for organic and hydroponic gardeners; they also offer a unique and the most extensive range of products including the most advanced aeroponic, nutrients and hydroponic systems in the world. Buyers can choose from a wide variety of brands including DutchPro, Atami, BioBizz, Canna, Grodan, Ikon etc.

"We've been in hydroponics business for several years now, and have been selling through our website for more than 7 years. Customers who would like to know more about their hydro growing needs either drop in to your Sheffield shop or email us, and our friendly staffs help them to clear doubts. Some of them also call us, and we try to serve them as best as we can," says the spokesperson at Green Spirit Hydroponics.

A newspaper report in The Guardian last year, reported that from 30 years from now, the idea of a dream kitchen would be more in sync with a green kitchen- a place where the garden and kitchen meet. Thus, hydroponics with controlled water supply and nutrients would be in great demand. The fridge would no longer store food, but also grow food. "Even now, there are many who have taken to the idea of growing plants in their own kitchen with the help of the hydroponics system. In fact using this system helps restaurant owners who cans source exotic herbs, vegetables and fruits locally. These were earlier imported from their origin countries at high costs, and were very expensive as they had to protected from damage," adds the spokesperson.

About Green Spirit Hydroponics: Green Spirit Hydroponics is a leading hydroponics shop in the UK supplying cheap grow kits and grow tents for hydroponics growing, fans and nutrients, humidity controlled grow rooms etc.

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Sheffield based company; Green Spirit has been in the business of supplying hydroponic products and accessories. To know more, visit,


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