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Turn Borneo Holidays Into a Wonderful Experience with Borneo Eco ToursFeatured PR

Vacation trips to Malaysia can be made great and memorable with the unique Borneo holiday packages offered online
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia ( 06/04/2012
For travelers who long to have a great Borneo adventure in their first visit itself, Borneo Eco Tours makes it easily possible with customized tour packages and nature based tours. The company has been offering exclusive deals and specialises in designing tours that includes jungle trekking, birding, wildlife river safari, white-water rafting and more. As the value packages are created to meet customer expectations, holidays to Borneo can definitely be made a wonderful experience in all aspects.

A journey to Southeast Asia has a lot to offer visitors right from its culture, traditions, lifestyle, art and cuisine. Malaysia holds almost all the above mentioned characteristics and serves one among the greenest destinations for people who look to enjoy a lifetime vacation experience. Tourists going on for a Malaysian vacation will rarely miss the good old island of Borneo known worldwide for its abundant wildlife and natural treasures. Located strategically in Southeast Asia, Borneo is recognized universally as the third largest island in the world.

What make the island unique from other Malaysian destinations are the two great states of Sabah and Sarawak, renowned for its wide range of rainforests and nature's resources. Whether going for a jungle adventure, or an exploration of eco-life, or a relaxed stay amidst the beautiful nature, visitors can find a variety of affordable holiday packages provided by Sukau Rainforest Lodge run by the company itself ranks top in the aspects of safety and comfort and offers convenient accommodation that meets quality standards to visitors.

The company works as a team of eco-guides; naturalists tour consultants, river and jungle guides and wildlife spotters in order to best ensure that customers get what they want from a Borneo adventure tour. "For many people, the premier reason for taking holidays to Borneo is its wealth of extraordinary rainforests, containing a staggering diversity of wildlife", says the spokesperson of

"We offer you attractive, unique and thoroughly affordable packages that rightly suit your lifestyle, taste and budget. It's for sure you'll find ample reasons for taking holidays to Borneo", the spokesperson adds. Borneo Eco Tours has been recognized with numerous awards for its quality assured tour packages and excellent customer service.


Borneo Eco Tours has been offering dedicated service to customers by creating holidays to Borneo through nature based tours and customized holiday packages. To know more about the company, visit



Borneo Eco Tours offer a wide range of custom tour packages to Borneo according to the expectation of the people. For more details, log on to:


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