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Dover Flexo Electronics Announces Release Of The SteadyWeb™5 Web Tension Controller

Tension measurement and controls manufacturer Dover Flexo Electronics (DFE) introduces the new, feature-packed SteadyWeb™5 Digital Tension Controller.
Rochester, NH, United States of America ( 07/04/2012
ROCHESTER, NH APRIL 07, 2012: Dover Flexo Electronics is extremely proud to announce their SteadyWeb™5 Web Tension Controller, which is the most intuitive user interface ever created for web and process industries. The SteadyWeb™5 Web Tension Controller is a full-featured, automatic closed loop tension control unit, and provides output stability and versatility in Web tension management in even the most challenging applications. This unit is able to maintain a reselected tension that point on a web machine or across, simply by measuring Web tension from a tension transducer or transducer pair.

It will then send a compensating signal to another tensioning device, such as the pneumatic brake, DC drive or a clutch. The closed loop digital PID control algorithm lets manufacturers improve their process productivity and consistency dramatically. With large, colorful and brightly graphic user interface, the SteadyWeb™5 Web Tension Controller is extremely easy to use.

All of your operators will be able to increase there speed with minimal instruction and little training time. Your initial setup and configuration is simple, as you will be provided with illustrated prompts and colorful graphics. With a very large front dial, you will have fast and easy scrolling through all of the configuration values available, or simply select a quick adjustment to the tension that point.

Regardless of whether you want to unwind, rewind or use this controller in intermediate tension zones, you can discover a variety of controller output modes that are available. They are useful for operating electric brakes, clutches, pneumatic brakes and clutches, DC and AC drives as well as eddy current clutches. The drive output is a 0 to 10 volt DC compensated output, which is used to control DC drives and other variable speed drive systems. With isolated Earth grounding, it is more compatible with any drive.

The pneumatic output is used to actuate any type of air-operated brake or clutch. The standard version comes with a servo valve and a pressure regulator, which are installed in a separate enclosure. The high-voltage output uses only silicon controlled rectifier's, in order to produce a standard variable voltage of up to 90Vdc in order to operate any electric brake or clutch, including an eddy current clutch. With a large 4.3-inch graphic display, the SteadyWeb™5 Web Tension Controller has a wide variety of features, perfect for a number of applications.

These include a menu scroll off and soft keys for selection, wall mount or panel mount installation, and choice of power inputs, 100-240Vac 60/50 Hz or 24 Vdc. It provides an isolated 0-10Vdc control output, 0-1 mA tension output, storage and recall 432 programs, auto detection and selection of transducer excitation, integrated diagnostic tools, automatic and manual modes, emergency stop circuit, ratio output both up and down, sample and hold output, soft start, tension meter damping and operator lockout. To learn more about how the SteadyWeb™5 Web Tension Controller can help you and your business, we encourage you to contact us via our website at, where you can learn more about our transducers, rollers, disc brakes, tension controllers and much more.


Learn more about the SteadyWeb™5 Web Tension Controller, the most intuitive user interface available for web and process industries.


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