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The Universal Flag Peace Movement strives to awaken human consciousness and spread awareness of the interconnection between all people
Chicago, IL, United States of America ( 22/05/2012
The Universal Peace Flag was created by Brian D. McClure, a businessman whose personal mission is to make a transformational difference in the world by helping others to remember the unity between people of all different nations.

McClure, founder and managing director of the Universal Flag Foundation, completed his formal education at Allgheny College in Pennsylvania. McClure began his inner journey over 30 years ago, seeking out books, seminars, and programs that led him to a greater awareness and understanding of Higher Truths. Through his passion, he rediscovered the simple Truths that reside within people which led to the creation of the Universal Flag.

"I recognize that education is the only thing capable of creating a Mass Consciousness Shift. The teaching, or reintroduction in some cases, of Simple Hidden Truths, that are present in every being that inhabits this planet. These Truths remind us who we are: One," comments Brian McClure.

The Universal Flag Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that strives to raise human consciousness and spread awareness of life's interconnection through radio, publications, merchandise, educational programs, volunteer projects, and funding for charitable endeavors.

The purpose of the Universal Flag is to help awaken human consciousness to life's interconnection by embracing everyone and everything. The Universal Flag transcends race, religion, borders, and economics while celebrating the rich diversity of individuals and groups. The flag design itself came about through a good measure of intuition and careful consideration. The white background of the flag represents the purity from which we all come. In the center of the flag, a rainbow of vibrant colors represents the energy of human life. The waves of the colors symbolize the natural ebb and flow cycles of life and the gold band represents our highest teaching that is "Treat another as you wanted to be treated".

For those who would like to donate or volunteer, please visit The Universal Flag Peace Movement reminds us that peace is a possibility if we can shift the worldview away from separation, violence, and greed to interconnection, joy, and love. Join the movement in more than 100 countries as we share the Universal Flag with our communities and celebrate the understanding that we are all connected.

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About has its main purpose as to raise consciousness with thoughts of life’s interconnection. The world peace flag introduced by this foundation represents the concept of interdependence in a perfect way. To learn more, visit


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