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Leading Florida Mold Inspection Firm Offers Quality Mold Testing ExtensivelyFeatured PR

Seasoned mold testing company based in West Palm Beach is offering Florida homes and businesses with professional state of the art mold related expert witness services.
West Palm Beach, FL, United States of America ( 10/09/2012
There is great news for Florida homes and offices plagued with continuous mold issues and disputes over who should pay for the remediation of such issues.

A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc. The leading West Palm Beach based mold Inspection Company now offers mold related legal expert witness services. According to Daryl Watters president of the company as of 2012 A Accredited provides mold related expert witness services in addition to high quality mold testing services.

The company is backed by certified and seasoned mold inspectors who are providing services in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Plantation, Coral Springs, and Miami. "We understand that molds are a serious issue with much potential for litigation. Many disputes have risen over its presence in recent years. If not detected and eradicated in time with the responsible parties covering the cost of remediation, it can lead to serious health problems, and expensive and ever worsening property damage. Thus, we have come up with professional expert state licensed mold inspection services whose goal is to identify mold issues from every corner of your building with the help of state of the art tools and time tested procedures.

We provide a detailed report, a remediation protocol, and most important with legal disputes, we also give detailed information of the cause and origin of moisture and mold issues at the property in question said the company manager Marian Watters. She further emphasized that they are respectful to the pertinent laws and regulations and hence only provide for the inspection services and not the mold remediation facilities.

The seasoned company has been working in the field since 2003 According to Marian the company's scheduling manager and vice president. According to Marian the inspection procedure starts with a solid 10 minutes interview with the clients. The company takes for analysis air and surface samples. The air samples, mostly, are gathered with Cyclex, samples or Micro five mold-spore traps. The Florida Company spokesperson Daryl added that we even use Andersen Impactor plate for a good viable sampling on occasions, but the most important step is the actual visual inspection and not just testing the air. Air tests can tell you a lot but an experienced inspector can tell you much more just by being present at the building in question.

While questioned on the tools of inspection, one of the prime executives from the firm emphasized the importance of not blindly counting on the cutting edge inspection tools only but on using open eyes and common sense during investigations. "During the inspections our inspectors use a top notch digital boar-scope that helps to get an insight on the suspect walls. We are also equipped with the latest IR camera that finds out the hidden moisture problems. A moisture meter is used as well for locating moisture. To test the humidity level in air, our inspectors utilize the RH meter but the most important tools are the human brain and eyes" he commented to our sources.

The company further informed us that all the mold inspection services carried out by them are followed by an extensive report provided by the mold inspector along with the interpretation of the sample results, the inspector's conclusions, environmental readings, and a detailed protocol.

A properly prepared legally defensible report is of the up most importance, often a legal case takes place 2 years after the inspection and when you are on the stand next to the judge that report and its findings are all that you have to go by.

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