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Selling Homes for Free! Could there be a Catch Here?Featured PR

Tennessee based Monte Mohr Group’s advertising that they’re selling homes for free. But does the news sound too good to be true?
Brentwood, TN, United States of America ( 19/10/2012
There ain't no such thing as a free lunch! That is probably the first reaction that comes to the mind on hearing that the Mohr Group has launched their 'We Sell Homes for Free' Program.

To those who're yet to be initiated, the We Sell Homes for Free Program promises to sell homes for free. For a limited period, the Mohr Group will waive their listing fee, even with their famous residential home marketing process. Could there be a catch? Yes, there is! The catch here is that their sellers buy their homes through them.

"There's a lot of discussion about how this is a buyer's market and everyone should be taking advantage of this. A majority of people would need to sell their old home to be able to purchase a new one. And this is where we step in. We know that it could be very difficult and expensive (considering the listing fees paid to a regular agent) to sell your old home, and unless you sell it, it is very difficult to buy a new one. But we can help you sell your home very quickly and that too for absolutely no extra cost. We'll also help you find a new house, in a locality that suitable for you!" adds the spokesperson for the Mohr Group.

"We get our commissions from the seller of the property that you purchased. But just because the service's for free, doesn't mean you get less than the best in your Realtor here. We guarantee to list, market, promote, advise, negotiate and eventually close the deal for you," he adds. Monte has been featured regularly in realty shows to help with common queries related to residential real estate," adds the spokesperson.

Homes are listed in the local MLS system and accessed by many real estate related websites like,,, etc. They're also there to help in the buying process as well. They're assisted in negotiating price details and removing all contingencies attached to the property.

About Tennessee Dream Homes: Tennessee based Monte Mohr Group manages this online real estate resource that helps solve all queries related to real estate.

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The Mohr Group is managed by Monte Mohr, a real estate agent with more than three decades of experience in the industry. Monte specializes in residential property in the Tennessee area. To know more, visit his website,


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