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2 Bedford Row Provides Internationally Acclaimed Advocacy in Fraud & Serious Crime ChargesFeatured PR

Globally acclaimed advocacy is provided by esteemed solicitors of 2 Bedford Row for fraud and serious criminal issues with outstanding service, advice & representation
London, UK, United Kingdom ( 31/10/2012
2 Bedford Row has announced to provide with globally acclaimed advocacy in fraud and serious crime charges. The London based legal firm is founded by esteemed English solicitor William Clegg QC with a huge member base of distinct lawyers.

"We are armed with a great member base of many eminent advocates who are dedicated to help out the individual and company clients here with outstanding service, advice & representation. It's our mission to assist our clients with an utmost professional, efficient & friendly approach", stated the major executive of the firm, adding that their high end lawyers are backed by top-rated clerical assistance.

Speaking about their handling of fraud cases, a major executive of the agency remarked that their eminent fraud solicitors come with great experience in defending for company clients and individuals being investigated or accused of the fraud cases. As per his statement, 2 Bedford Row's advocates support the clients with clear advice since the preliminary stages of investigation & representation before courts prior to subsequent trials.

"It's our aim to assure that our clients have received detailed data on powers of their investigating body and possible steps to be assumed by prosecuting authority", the manager flashed a bright smile.

He further added that they have been widely successful in fraud related trials which have been acknowledged with several professional awards. The lawyers here have been involved in many leading fraud representation in the past 10 years which include cases like Brent Walker, Maxwell, Jubilee Line, B.C.C.I, Resort Hotels, The Arrows W.S.T.C. and many more.

On questions regarding the serious crime issues, the London based legal firm informed of maintaining unmatched reputation in providing advice and representation in all levels of criminal trials. One of the top executives from 2 Bedford Row mentioned that their criminal solicitors are specialized in offering the clients with insightful advice backed by outstanding advocacy in criminal trial. "Our members bring in extraordinary range of experience in each case & tailor the knowledge as per the demands of clients. They have been a part of many celebrated and leading criminal trials like The murder of Rachel Nickell, murder of Stephen Lawrence and many more", added the major executive.

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2 Bedford Row have wide experience in dealing with criminal proceedings, sports law and corruption and are considered to be one of the top barristers chambers in UK. As a team of expert barristers, they aim in providing high quality law services to clients, and have been recognized with many professional awards. For more details, visit


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