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Nova West Solar Announces to Offer Highly Efficient Solar Panel Services in CaliforniaFeatured PR

Leading solar power company from California assures to provide most efficient and best solar panel service in California at low rates
Fresno, CA, United States of America ( 10/11/2012
Nova West Solar has announced to provide the most efficient and best solar panel service in California. The company assured of premium solar equipments for both residential and commercial solar power.

Nova West Solar is founded by Robert Green and Gary Fairhead, both of whom were involved in the construction field for over forty-seven consecutive years. They are backed by six contractor licenses including C-39 Roofing and come with huge expertise in electrical, solar power, roofing and energy conservation. Nova West Solar serves across Bay Area, Central Valley and the central coast regions of California.

"We are one of the best solar companies in California with an unmatched solar power service for our clients. We are highly committed on generating new eco-friendly energy as well conserve the existing energy. The best part of working with us is that we would save your energy bills & reduce pollution & dependency on the foreign oil", remarked the spokesperson from the Fresno solar power company.

With years of industrial experience, Solar Fresno firm takes a conservative approach in all their projects. As per the statement of the company official, they start off with a site evaluation and analysis of the client's energy consumption. "We will suggest on energy conservation primarily and then recommend for the most efficient PhotoVoltaic system bespoke to your specific needs. Many of our customers have saved a lot by energy conservation primarily. Besides since we buy products straight from manufacturers our customers would always enjoy low costs while working with us", he commented, adding that the clients can be assured of a knowledgeable, seasoned and skilled service.

Speaking about their product range, the firm manager assured of relying on top notch solar panels and inverters from highly acclaimed brands such as Schuco, Sanyo, SolarWorld, Sharp, Mitsubishi, SMA America, PV Powered etc. The manager personnel stressed on taking quality control checks frequently and assured on-time work completion for every project.

"We would also assist you in preparing & submitting the needed paperwork to local utility agency", he added further. For more information, log in to



The media person informed of conducting quality control on their projects and stressed on supporting the clients with explanation regarding operation & maintenance of the solar panels. For further information on the services of the Fresno solar power company, visit


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