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Carbideprobes.Com Releases the New Interactive Catalogs with Complete Compatibility InformationFeatured PR introduces detailed catalogs for each of the products. This makes it easy for customers to analyze the size and compatibility of the products and then take a decision.
Dayton, OH, United States of America ( 10/12/2012
Keeping in mind the basic issues customers face when they have to make the selection of the size of the products, companies came up with the decision of launching downloadable catalogs in PDF format for each product. Carbide Probes Inc displays these catalogs specifying the size and compatibility of each product with the type of environment to be deployed in. These catalogs though contain a wide range of products but the options are not limited as product customization is also an option.

There is a wide range of contact tips designs that have been mentioned in the catalogs along with their actual dimensions. If the customers do not find the perfect fit, they have an option to create their own requisite designs through CAD. Indicator tips and Electronic Gage tips can also be created by the users as per the design required. The interface that this company offers to users serves to a high level of customization. The use of CAD software to create the desired dimensions and design of the product is a service that not many firms offer. This is done so that the customers may feel free to put down their ideas into implementation without any losses.

The range of CMM styli includes cylinder styli, disk styli, star styli, straight styli, pointer styli and stylus extensions. The customers can enter the specifications on the site and order the product that they want. Carbon Fiber Styli is another product that this offers its clients. The easy to use interface of the website together with the availability of a large number of options and now the catalogs have brought about great popularity for this business firm. The clients are quite satisfied with the services and with this new introduction; the number of visits has increased considerably. The company plans to expand in the future and constantly improve on the services provided to its trustworthy customers.

About the Company: is a business venture that offers an extended level of customization in delivering customers with CAD based parts that are either pre-defined or can be created by users. For more information, visit



“We offer for custom applications for the CMM machines and other measurement systems so that you can have the product tailor-made just as per your respective needs. You would simply need to submit your special specifications and our skilled technicians would present you with the exact desired styli” the media person confirmed our reporters. For a better information on Carbide Probes, log on to


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