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7 Easy Steps to Set Up Online Retail Business Without a Warehouse or Shipping ArrangementsFeatured PR offers extensive help to those interested in online retailing. Thanks to them setting up shop on the internet is an easy seven step process
Mahwah, NJ, United States of America ( 26/02/2013
Members can now sign up for once and enjoy a lifetime membership at The company is in the business of drop shipping- a unique system of supply chain management where everything is taken care of by the service provider.

Thus, interested candidates have to merely sign up to become members, choose a suitable package, select the products they're looking to sell and then start selling their products. Once these are done, the next step is to get paid for the products and set to process the sale with The Company would then directly ship the ordered product to the customer.

Once customers sign up for a membership and set up their store to sell. When this is done, the products can either be sold through Amazon, Craigslist or eBay, or by forming an independent site. Once the money for the product is collected from the seller, the members can login to their Dropshippers accounts and then order the product by paying the money. The product will be directly delivered to the customers, thereby saving money in buying packing materials and shipping labels. This entire process takes less than an hour, but the profit is indeed rewarding. The difference of rates from the wholesale to the retail is the retailer's profit.

"We have more than 3.5 million products that are spread across 400 categories and more than 500 suppliers. We also guarantee the lowest possible price to our members thereby offering them a comfortable margin. Each of these products shall be delivered to your customer's doorsteps," says the spokesperson at


The company uses the drop shipping method of supply chain management to help online retailers set up shop.

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The Company is one of the leading supply management companies with hundreds of clients. They offer products at wholesale prices to retailers and manage the entire process; from stocking to shipping, etc. To know more, visit,


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