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KCUC Announces Revolutionary Da Vinci Robot Surgery Against Prostate CancerFeatured PR

Kansas City Urology Care has come up with state of the art Da Vinci Robotic surgery which is a minimally invasive surgical procedure through robotic techniques for a painless operation
Overland Park, KS, United States of America ( 27/02/2013
Prostate cancer patients anxious of painful surgeries need not worry any more- Kansas City Urology Care (KCUC), the eminent cancer urology hospital has lately announced a revolutionary and almost painless surgical prostate cancer treatment called "Da Vinci Robot" surgery.

The Da Vinci Robot Treatment is designed to be minimally invasive and thus less painful for the patient. "We understand surgeries are painful for cancer patients and hence at Kansas City Urology Care we always strive to come up with less invasive procedures to present the suffering patients with a smooth treatment facility. Our state of the art Da Vinci Robot procedure ensures an easy prostatectomy through laparoscopy", stated a KCUC spokesperson from the prostate cancer division.

One of the major urologists from KCUC explained that Da Vinci Surgery involves the advanced surgical & robotics technologies and would be perfect for the delicate urological proceedings such as prostatectomy. "We always want less invasive procedures for prostatectomy since here the target spot is confined tightly and surrounded by the nerves affecting sexual function and urinary control", he continued.

While approached by our reporters, another leading urologist from the hospital informed that the new Da Vinci surgical procedure is a credible alternative to conventional laparoscopy and regular open surgery methods. In this case, he stated that the surgeon's hands would be under the control of a high end robotic platform enabling the surgeons to conduct the most delicate and complex operations through very little incisions and with an unmatched precision. "We are backed by the finest and most esteemed urologists around updated on the latest advancements like Da Vinci Robot process", remarked the KCUC surgeon while commenting on the surgical caliber of the urological center.

Adding to the state of the art Da Vinci Robot Surgery, KCUC also informed about its radiation treatments for prostate cancer patients in the advanced stage. The hospital has a radiation care center located in Midwest which offers radiation therapy through cutting edge "Rapid Arc IG-IMRT" technology. "This is to offer our patients with the latest and fast treatments in as fast as 2 minutes instead of the usual 15 to 30 minutes of radiation", joined in another KCUC spokesperson.

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