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Fire and Theft Costing Construction Industry Millions Each YearFeatured PR

The construction industry is one of the most risky industries within the UK with many contractors being injured, fires breaking out and theft of heaving machinery taking place
Gainsborough, UK, United Kingdom ( 01/04/2013
Gainsborough, Lincoln (prbd) March 22, 2013 - The construction industry is one of the most risky industries within the UK with many contractors being injured, fires breaking out and theft of heaving machinery taking place which is why Tag-Guard take construction site security so seriously and so should you.

It is estimated that around forty percent of all constructions fires are arson and there are an average of eleven construction fires in the UK each and every day. This costs the industry more than £400 million each year and results in around two thousand injuries.

£800 Million in Theft

nother problem faced by the construction industry is theft and interestingly it's not small items such as raw materials that go missing, but rather compressors, excavators and cranes which are stolen. The theft from construction sites each and every year amounts to around £800 million. This includes the replacement of the machinery, hiring the machinery and the increase in insurance premiums.

Tag-Guard, a leader in wireless security in the UK since 1996, understands the importance of construction site security and how important it is to reduce who can access the site without relying on manned security.

Innovative Security Solutions

These wireless systems are used for security, safety and fire services. Sometimes you cannot rely on your manned security as sadly they cannot be watching every inch of the site and combined with CCTV, you still cannot guarantee that your guard will notice everyone walking onto the site.

In the industry you need to minimise the number of visitors to the site, you need to stop the public before they enter and children should never enter. If your manned security doesn't notice children sneaking into the back of the site, then there is a disaster waiting to happen.

Working in an industry where construction site security is paramount to ensure that contractors are safe, members of the public are not in danger and machinery and materials are kept safe at all times, you need to find an innovative way that offers flexibility and affordability.

Tag-Guard Have Introduced the Wireless Security System for the Construction Industry

Tag-Guard are leaders in wireless security and their wireless security systems which are ideally suited for the construction industry help companies to save money. These systems can protect areas up to one kilometre apart without the need for mains power. They are free standing units which integrate both your alarm system and cameras while conforming to the British Standards and Code of Practice.

With both fire and theft costing the industry over £1,200 million each and every year, in order to save money and reduce losses, construction companies need to embrace the innovative security systems available at their fingertips to ensure that they meet the necessary deadlines.

About Tag-Guard

Tag-Guard have been leaders in wireless security systems since 1996 specialising in security, safety and fire systems for vehicles, construction sites, buildings and more throughout the UK. All their systems are developed and designed right here in the UK and offer superior reliability for any industry. With offices throughout the UK they are able to offer construction site security nationwide.


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Tag Guard are the market leader in integrated wireless security systems and have been strengthening this position since their establishment in 1996. All of their products are designed and developed in the UK and have proved more and more popular throughout the country and in key European markets too.


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