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TAG Systems – Taking Security to the Next LevelFeatured PR

New branding is designed to show much clearer links between the ‘Brand’ and the services the company provides
Gainsborough, UK, United Kingdom ( 17/04/2013
As a specialist security solution provider TAG Systems can offer a range of control measures for all of your onsite and remote security needs. From ensuring Health and Safety guidelines are met through to controlling who enters your site TAG Systems experts are available now to help you manage your construction projects.

Moving Forward to the Future

Tag Systems has recently undergone a forward-thinking facelift. Previously known as Tag Guard this leading security equipment company has re-imaged their brand and moved forward into the future. This follows direct feedback from customers and clients and shows Tag Systems to be a progressive company with their finger firmly on the pulse.

The new name and logo has been created to show much clearer links between the brand and the wireless security systems offered. Tag Systems goes much further than its competitors and offers a wide range of comprehensive and flexible remote and onsite fully maintained security systems and when and if required, a fast and effective local response service for clients. The new branding encompasses this more diverse level of service and ensures customers understand at a glance that this is far more than just a one dimensional security service.

Wireless Excellence

You cannot be onsite 24/7 and so it is important to have good security measures in place for those times you are absent. However it will not always be practical or cost-effective to install expensive wired alarms, manned patrols or CCTV systems on many sites. In these cases you should consider wireless security solutions.

Wireless security options from TAG Systems are highly recommended as they offer an affordable and effective alternative. Wireless security systems are more flexible and can be tailor-made to meet your needs. A huge range of businesses and landlords can benefit from the secure wireless options available. Just some of the benefits of TAG wireless security include:

- All security systems meet industry and British Safety Standards.

- Flexible security options to cover different building sites, compounds, buildings and plots.

- Protection for valuable machinery including diggers, cranes and bulldozers.

- Protection for valuable materials including building supplies, metal supplies, concrete stores and more.

- Remote protection for multiple buildings and plots up to 1km apart.

- 24/7, 365 days a year monitoring in a remote manned control centre.

- Fast acting response to triggered alarms.

- Mobile security patrols in hotspot areas to provide visible deterrents and spot early signs of unauthorised access.

- Standalone systems that can operate without fixed telephone lines or mains power.


Tag Systems is one of the leading pioneers of wireless security solutions. Established back in 1996 this specialist security solution provider leads the market when it comes to flexible wireless security solutions. These specialist systems combine flexible installation with robust build quality and proven reliability.

If you have a remote location that you need protecting then this leading wireless specialist can offer practical and cost-effective solutions.


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Address: Merlin House, Gibson Road, Hemswell Cliff Business Centre, Gainsborough, Lincoln, DN21 5TL



Tag Guard are the market leader in integrated wireless security systems and have been strengthening this position since their establishment in 1996. All of their products are designed and developed in the UK and have proved more and more popular throughout the country and in key European markets too.


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