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Etch2o Assures Finest & Sustainable Environmental SolutionsFeatured PR

Etch2o is a leading environmental equipment company in Al Khabar that assures to offer finest, fiscally responsible and sustainable environmental solutions including water & wastewater treatment tools
Al- Khobar, Al- Khobar, Saudi Arabia ( 22/04/2013
Etch2o, a subsidiary of SAF group, an eminent company network in Saudi Arabia, has assured to provide finest environmental solutions. The Environmental Equipment Company deals in every aspect of ecological solutions including wastewater and water treatment tools.

The leading Al Khobar based environmental equipment company is licensed by EEC Global & draws equity from principal's years of manufacturing and research.

"As one of the leading water treatment companies, our aim here is to support with fiscally responsible and sustainable wastewater and water treatment process and services to communities, maximizing use of renewable and alternative resources. We provide affordable and innovative services and solutions through stakeholders, partnerships, customers & the community", said the spokesperson from Etch2o.

The company covers a versatile customer base including beverage & bottling plants, oil rigs, hospitals, residential compounds, remote locations & other industries.

They always strive to serve the customers with finest biotechnology solutions. When it comes to their scope of activity, they hold specialization in designing, fabrication, erection & commissioning of biological package wastewater and water treatment plants that are compatible for both domestic and industrial water purification system.

"We are engaged in the trading of wastewater and water equipments like BWRO, RO, UF, SWRO, NF membranes etc. We also supply different biological waste-water treatment solutions using MBR, MBBR, RBC, SBR technologies as well as domestic and industrial containerized MBBR biological plants. Our solutions are engineered with best of technology and promise high level performance", said the manager from the company.

Added to it, he further mentioned about their solid/liquid, grease and oil separation DAF/GEM systems dewatering & chemical dosing solutions.

"We also handle the operation & maintenance of industrial and domestic wastewater and water treatment plants", he added.

This leading SAF subsidiary is working with the vision to be the leader in global water & wastewater treatment zone by offering premium standard services and products that would exceed the client expectations.

"We would earn clients' enthusiasm through ongoing improvements made possible by our teamwork, integrity & innovative measures", the manager added.

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They have their MBBR technique, which is a latest fixed-film technology that can create huge area for the growth of bio-film by suspended biomass-carriers resulting in improved biological wastewater-treatment sans increasing plant footprint. For more information on the wastewater treatment equipments from Etch2o, visit


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