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LJB Security Services, a CT security training company, writes and publishes an informational article about knives made out of Grivory - a non-metallic material, and whether security officers need to be worried about these weapons.
East Haven, CT, United States of America ( 09/08/2013
East Haven, CT (prbd) August 7, 2013 - CT security company LJB Security Training helps Connecticut residents achieve training for a guard card in CT, during a one-day training course. The company also writes and publishes informational articles on topics that pertain to security.

The latest article talks about the danger of non-metallic knives that can't be found by a metal detector. A material called Grivory - a polymer resin that has good hardness and temperature resistant properties - has been gaining use as a replacement for metals in use as car parts.

Due to the fact that it's light and strong, Grivory has been used in the manufacture of knives as well. Most commonly used as handle material, some knives have been made with Grivory blades. This is cause for some consternation for security officers who often count on metal detectors to find weapons and other prohibited items. Our article launches a discussion of whether Grivory knives present a new kind of threat for security staff, or whether they lack the practical qualities that would make them attractive to criminals.

First, the article notes that while many people think that knives are required to have metal components by law precisely to prevent them from being undetectable to metal detectors, in practice it's not hard to find knives that are either completely non-metallic, or contain metal parts that can be easily detached, making the measure completely perfunctory.

Second, the article talks about the performance of Grivory as a blade material. While strong, it turns out that Grivory makes a fairly poor substitute for stainless steel. First, it is nowhere near as effective at cutting, though it holds up fairly well when used for stabbing. Sharpening the material is also much more difficult, with some people saying it can't be done, while others recommend doing it carefully with sandpaper or files.

These are only some of the reasons why Grivory hasn't found very wide use among criminals. Whatever the advantage of being able to carry a knife through a metal detector, it's evidently outweighed by the low performance of Grivory against steel. Naturally, the advantage of being non-ferrous is moot altogether when it comes to passing through an airport X-ray detector, which visualizes all hard objects found on a person, whether they contain metal or not.

To read more about non-metallic knives, see the original article. If you're interested in pursuing a career in the CT private security industry, come to LJB's website and sign up for a Connecticut security guard license class today!

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