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Nova West Solar Builds the Best Solar System to Create a Green SolutionFeatured PR

Nova West Solar, Fresno’s foremost solar company helps folks identify the energy spending trends and creates a green solution by building the best solar system. They also offer 10 years warranties on all equipment, material and labor.
Fresno, CA, United States of America ( 27/08/2013
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Great news for Fresno residents wishing to go solar, Nova West Solar with more than 47 years of industry experience provides green solution to both residential and commercial buildings. The company is a proud member of Green Building Alliance, California Solar Energy Industries Association, Solar Energy Industries Association and American Solar Energy Society.

Nova West Solar was founded by Gary Fairhead and Robert Green to help businesses and residential clients save thousands of dollars in energy bills and maintenance fees. According to Gary Fairhead who has owned and operated a successful roofing and general building business since 1989, "The solar generation which was assigned to be born in 2000 by Greenpeace and EPIA as parents, now is growing up. It plays a vital role within a sustainable energy system of the future. The market has grown by more than 40% each year for almost one decade and the industry is investing large sums for building more production facilities each year".

He also added, "Solar solutions are one of the key technologies to generate decentralized electricity for private households and the technology is on the way then why should Fresno stand behind. That's why we're offering solar power installation to commercial and residential clients of Fresno to save big on their energy bills".

To satisfy clients more the company use the best solar system of top-quality equipment manufactured from Talesun, SolarWorld, Sanyo, Sharp and Mitsubishi, who are the largest solar-panel manufacturers in the world. The best part about the equipment is its warranty; Nova West Solar, the leading solar power installer in Fresno offers 10-year warranties on all equipment, material and labor. Along with best solar equipment, the exemplary firm also endows free on-site evaluations, calculate utility bills, current energy consumption, anticipated energy consumption and other opportunities to conserve power, provide full written financial analysis reports and more.

"Our expertise in energy conservation, electrical, roofing and solar in Fresno is unmatched by any other solar company in the state of California. Nova West Solar proudly serves California's Central Valley, Bay Area and central coast areas. We are committed not only to generate clean new energy, but also to conserve existing energy", added Robert Green.

About Nova West Solar

With more than 47 years of industry experience, Nova West Solar offers advanced and innovative solar solutions to both commercial and residential buildings. They have helped hundreds of homes transition to energy independent by conserving energy first and then, installing solar. For more details, visit



The media person informed of conducting quality control on their projects and stressed on supporting the clients with explanation regarding operation & maintenance of the solar panels. For further information on the services of the Fresno solar power company, visit


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