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Guide for Choosing the Best Anti-Spyware SoftwareFeatured PR

To protect your computer from spyware, you need a powerful antispyware. Here is a short guide for you to follow
Nanjing, JS, China ( 14/06/2010

"First you need to install a powerful Anti-Spyware program that works well with your pc."

Each time you go online unprotected, cookies and tracking devices are installed on your computer. Spyware and malware can be used to track your internet behavior or can be employed for more threatening activities like recording your keystrokes to obtain passwords or pulling information from your personal files. So what can you do to avoid spyware?

First you need to install a powerful Anti-Spyware program that works well with your pc.
Second you should avoid downloading free software without investigating the site’s privacy policy first.
Third don’t open emails from unknown sources.

The Following will provide the rules of choosing the right Anti-Spyware software for your security system.

Ease of Setup/Use
Can you get it up and running without consulting a book or a tech support person? How easy is the product to use? Can you quickly find the features you are looking for? Are the descriptions easily understood or do they assume you know all the jargon and terminology?

Detection Effectiveness
How well does the product detect spyware, keyloggers, malware, anything bad-ware? Does the product provide real-time protection from spyware —preventing its installation—not just removing it afterward? Is the product effective at finding and removing the many different types of spyware and adware?

Removal Effectiveness
This gauges the spyware removal product's ability to actually remove spyware that it finds, and whether or not the harmful parts are removed.

System Performance
After installation, does the anti spyware slow the system to a crawl? If so, the product receives a lower rating here.

Scan Performance
How long do full or "quick" scans take? Is the computer still usable during the scan?

Help / Support
Is there a help section installed with the product? Is it easy to find answers to your questions? Is there someone you can call for support? How quickly does the support staff respond to your email questions? With the right solution for removing and detecting spyware in place, you can keep your privacy protected and your PC running smoothly.

With these basic rules, you choose the most appropriate one for yourself. Beside iTopSoft has updated its official website and iTopSoft Anti-Spyware can be found there which may be useful for you.


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