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Introducing Film Annex’s New Blog & Film Distribution PlatformFeatured PR

Film Annex is introducing its new Film distribution platform that makes it easy for viewers to follow the users they subscribe to, write blogs, & upload their latest independent films & pictures. Welcome to the new Film Annex: Social Media That Pays.
New York, NY, United States of America ( 23/12/2013
Film Annex is introducing its new social media platform and makes it easy for you to follow the users you subscribe to, write blogs, upload movies and pictures.

Welcome to the new Film Annex: Social Media That Pays. It is in its beta version that you can access via the link at the top right of our homepage ("Try the new beta"). We are looking forward to your feedback so we can fix the remaining bugs and continue to improve the new website.

Here is a first look at the new features:

Content flow. This is the core of the new Film Annex page. Once you are logged in, you will see a feed with the latest blogs and videos of all the users you subscribe to, as well as new content for you to discover.

Missions and tasks. This is one of the biggest additions to the platform. We are going to help you improve your BuzzScore and Film Annex experience. Every day, you will see a list of tasks to complete in order to reach a higher BuzzScore (and revenues). Liking a movie, reading a blog, writing an article, sharing your work… it will be all in "Today's Tasks". We will also suggest a list of actions to complete your profile, as well as links to understand how the platform works, what the BuzzScore is, etc.

Suggested users. In the content flow, you will see some profiles of filmmakers, writers and other users that we think you will like.

Avatar. On your new public profile, you will be able to customize your avatar and make it look like you… or create a new identity.

Upload movies and write blogs. This is what will make your BuzzScore increase! We made it easier thanks to a new menu. With a simple click, you will upload a film, write an article or upload a picture.

Stay tuned for more new features and the official launch of the new platform! Give us your feedback in the comments, tweet us at @filmannex or send us an email at

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