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Affordable Internet Marketing Services for Small and Home-Based Businesses, Non Profits and StartupsFeatured PR

Affordable Net Marketing Launch Gives SMBs and Entrepreneurs Access to Cost-Efficient A La Carte Internet Marketing Services
Pittsburgh, PA, United States of America ( 23/01/2014
Since their December 2013 launch, locally owned Affordable Net Marketing has fought to avoid being categorized as just another SEO company. "We may provide many of the same online marketing services offered by local SEO firms but we do it without the excessively marked up agency prices," says founder Brian Cosgrove. "What we're building is a one stop shop for any small business, non-profit, home-based company, startup, or entrepreneur that needs affordable online marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing services," says Cosgrove.

Affordable Net Marketing's online shopping cart enables visitors from any location to order individual Internet marketing services on an as-needed basis rather than having to sign into a pricey long-term contract. While the benefits of each product offered are summarized in detail on the site, a virtual Online Marketing Assistant (OMA) is available by either live chat or email to assist you. This OMA will serve as your primary point-of-contact, an ongoing online marketing consultant/strategist, and project/account manager.

According to Cosgrove, "We sell our services pushing Google prominence, not dominance. We aren't pitching some magical six-month "proven formula" that catapults your site to #1 in searches because there is no such thing. We instead methodically build you a highly Google-friendly online presence one step at a time. Someone once asked me if this was a fast-food approach to Internet marketing. Although it's budget friendly, and you're ordering from a menu, the services themselves are all high-level and 100% manual. Within time, you'll start to notice more targeted traffic, more leads, more conversions, and a better return on your Internet marketing investment."

Where Affordable Net Marketing truly stands out is its pricing structure. Prices for their a la carte online marketing services are well below the industry standard. This is because the company leverages both domestic and offshore freelance talent for much of the backend work.

"Many SEO firms drastically up charge clients for work they're outsourcing elsewhere at a much lower rate," Cosgrove says. "While there's nothing unethical about this, the markup is often so inflated that it prices many smaller businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs out of getting the Internet marketing they need to grow. We'd rather fully disclose our outsourcing and keep our rates low by forgoing things like some lavish office space with a shark tank and coffee bar in the lobby. We figure that rather than trying to impress a prospective client with a mocha latte, we'll impress them with our free consulting and very reasonably priced affordable Internet marketing services."

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Affordable Net Marketing provides a la carte Internet marketing solutions to small businesses, home-based businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and startups. Our small budget friendly online marketing services include on-site and off-site optimization, local SEO, content development, link building, social media marketing, responsive design, backlink audit/cleanup, and email marketing.


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