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How much does a paternity DNA test cost

EasyDNA India offers different DNA testing and also specializes in the provision of Accredited,Accurate, Affordable,Reliable and highly confidential DNA tests includes DNA Paternity Testing to both private and public sector.Many wonder how much does a paternity DNA test cost? Answering this question means going into several factors,some of which are here discussed.
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How much does a paternity test cost?

There is no single figure or number that can be given to answer the question: how much does a paternity test cost? Prices tend to vary somewhat, from company to company and you need to have a bit of a shop around till you find one of the better companies to do your DNA paternity test or whichever type of DNA test you may need. Approximately the cost of a paternity test in Germany is in the region of 200-300€ for a home test. You can find much lower or much high prices but it depends, amongst other things, on which test you are looking at.

Do you need a home paternity test or a legal paternity test?

The cost of a home paternity test is much lower than that of a legal paternity test. A home paternity test is basically done for your peace of mind- because you are responsible for the simple task of taking your own samples, the price of a home paternity test is lower. Essentially what you should note is that in terms of laboratory testing, the analysis of the DNA follows exactly the same procedure. In terms of sample collection, you will receive the home DNA kit; in it you find oral swabs and all you do is rub these inside the mouth to have your DNA sample.

Delivery options

The delivery option chosen may affect the cost of the paternity DNA test

a) Do you want standard delivery or express? You can have our home DNA test kit delivered by first class mail or by Express mail if you urgently need the test carried out.

b) Standard testing results service is 5 - 7 working days, but you can have the Express turnaround within 2 days if you also need the DNA test results quickly.

c) The email results are free, but you pay extra for a postal result (to cover post and packing) if you need a written report.

The DNA sample used

Standard samples are obtained from the swabs sent in our home DNA test kit. These involve taking a sample of saliva and cells from the inside of the cheeks, under the tongue and inside the lips. If you have to use other samples, such as hair, nail clippings or bone scrapings, then the price of the DNA test increases. There is no set price differential since the price depends very much on the condition of the sample and the number of extractions needed to get a good sample of DNA.As we have seen, in a few words, answering the question how much does a paternity test cost? Depends on a number of factors.

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