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The term ‘Cocktail dress’ was first used by Christian Dior in 1940 to describe a dress worn in the early evening.
Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China ( 25/11/2014
The term ‘Cocktail dress’ was first used by Christian Dior in 1940 to describe a dress worn in the early evening. In the modern day, cocktail dresses are those dresses which are worn at a cocktail or semi formal parties. A cocktail dress can be of any length, but more commonly, it is of knee length. It can be simple, like a Little Black Dress or it can be fancy with laces or sequins, etc. A cocktail dress is expected to be smart and elegant. Sometimes, a shorter, less elaborate dress worn at parties can also be mentioned as a cocktail dress. Want another dress? Visit or

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Party Dresses
Party dresses constitute a form of dressing worn by women at parties. The style, material and length of the dress depends on the type of party they are attending. There are many kinds of dresses worn in different kinds of parties. For example, a cocktail dress, which is elegant and stylish is worn for a cocktail party, a formal dress with minimal accessories would go for a business party, whereas a flowery, casual cotton dress would suit a children’s party. Party dresses also include include the very formal ball gowns as well as evening dresses which are usually long and exquisitely designed
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While going to formal dinner and gala event, there’s no outfit very appropriate than the cocktail dress for women. With a few additional accessories and adornment, dress may look better. These are helpful ideas that can show you some best way of dressing up your dress, as well as look stunning whenever you go out.

Start with some lovely earrings. The cocktail dress is ice cream, and to complete this sundae, you require good jewelry. Pair of earrings goes very well with cocktail dress. Choose earrings that feature gemstones - faux or genuine – like diamonds and rubies. Suppose ever you want to justify buying these accessories, remember they are fashionable now and still will be in future, and are paired with anything - that includes little black dress.

Complement this with matching necklace. The dress is paired best with the appropriate earrings as well as necklace. Both of these go together very well! The dress can draw more attention in case a necklace that is single stranded & has diamond and stone is worn, instead making yourself little over dressed with the heavy jewellery. In order, to complement the cocktail dress, you may choose one with the coloured stones and beads.

The bracelet is something that you may consider wearing. Every person has got their style-bracelets may not be your type of thing. Suppose you wear them without a little discomfort, then they are good complement to cocktail dress. Suppose you are wearing bold jewelry, then select simple bracelets that you can wear with outfit. You may prefer wearing either bracelet or necklace, but not both of them.

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