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Shoes are made to protect our feet, but we all know that they do more than that. Shoes are a fashion statement in today’s world and can cost a fortune.
Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China ( 25/11/2014
Shoes are made to protect our feet, but we all know that they do more than that. Shoes are a fashion statement in today’s world and can cost a fortune. Shoes come in different variety and are made up of many materials, including canvas, leather, rubber, wood and other petrochemical materials. Shoes are an integral part of feminine clothing and women from all parts of the world use it to not just protect but decorate their feet. Shoes come in a wide variety and the most common include: sport shoes, boots and dress shoes. Women have a lot to choose when it comes to dress shoes, be it different length of the heel of their shoes or the material from which they are made up of. Add another pair from here: and

Shoes and Jewellery
Shoes and Jewellery taken together are called accessories. These accessories not only compliment a wardrobe, but enhance the overall personality of the person. It is therefore very important to choose them carefully. Shoe choices that can never go wrong include black pumps, ballerina shoes, and nude coloured shoes. These classy options, go with all kinds of clothes and last really long. The jewellery items that enhance a woman’s look really quickly include pearls and diamond studded earrings. These shoes and jewellery compliments trendy as well as classy people. To add a new variety to your collection click here : or

Heels & Pumps
These kinds of shoes are very elegant and have the sleek style, which is perfect for the special events and work related functions. Such kind of shoe gives lift and has open top. This is used to create sexy style, however is seen as the acceptable work footwear. The shoes have leather or else micro fiber as well as come in many colors and variations. IT allows you mix & match the styles till you create perfect look. The heels are very good for work, however they are reserved for the special events like the dates, parties, weddings, and work related occasions. When you wish to look best & attract attention, pumps and heels are go to choice for many women.

This kind of the women's shoe is either formal or casual depending on style. There’re platform sandals, wedge sandals and gladiator sandals that have the casual appeal, however are perfect for daily wear. This kind of shoe is very versatile and is dressed up and down with your clothes. The thong sandals are a bit different, as they’re served for causal wear or beachwear that is informal. Thus, wearing flip flops on work isn’t the common practice, however gladiator sandals are the work option, in a few instances.

Mule Shoes
The mule shoes are heeled or flats shoes, which have covered front & open back. Front of shoe is rounded and squared for some added style. The mule shoes are made from leather & are formal shoe choice that is paired with the trousers at work or jeans for casual wear, which is stylish.

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