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Global Products Life Time Warranty For Brand New Outdoor Key Lock Box

Global Products Will Provide A Lifetime Warranty For It’s Outdoor Key Lockbox That Is Now Being Sold on Amazon
fort lauderdale, Florida, United States of America ( 20/05/2015
New York, N.Y.; May 20th, 2015 - Global Products is celebrating the launch of its new Outdoor Key Lock Box by offering to it’s customers, that purchase on Amazon, a Lifetime Warranty.

Global Products is a manufacturer of high quality home hardwares which features its primary product, the wall mounted Outdoor Key Lock Box with combination lock. Manufactured from the highest quality most durable steel available and factory tested to not even break under a sledge hammer. This Lock Box is guaranteed to keep out the toughest safe cracker.

Setting the combination is incredibly easy. You flip a switch inside the box, dial your desired combination, and flip it back. Takes a few seconds. A particularly good feature as you can change it when you need to - sometimes when you have work being done on the house, or someone needs access to your home for a limited purpose; instead of waiting around or giving them a key, you put in a temporary combination, give it to them, then change it afterward! A great way to protect your home and keys.

Most customers have it mounted discreetly where it can be seen. It mounts with screws and can be put just about anywhere. It is not bulky and you will hardly notice it. The four digit combo wheel gives you 10,000 possible combinations, so the chances of someone cracking it are slim.

The Global Products Key Lock Box is larger than the standard sized lock box. Many customers comment that they prefer the larger size, although still discreet, it enables more keys and has easier access.

If you’re worried about Elderly Parents and want Emergency Services to have easier access to check on them then this is a great work around and peace of mind. Some customers even install
these as a ‘Security Back-up’ for their children after school. Once again great peace of mind as children are always misplacing keys.

To celebrate the launch of this product on Amazon Global Products are offering a limited number of Lock Boxes for one time only $1.00. This product retails for $79.99.

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