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Mushroom Catering Assures Memorable Parties with Best Catering in SydneyFeatured PR

Mushroom Catering promises best catering in Sydney for both commercial and residential clients at affordable rates. The company carries a versatile roster of menu packages to cover any sort of party.
Sydney, NSW, Australia ( 08/06/2015
Those in quest of premium Catering companies in Sydney for the upcoming office party need not search further; Mushroom Catering has assured the best catering cuisine all across Sydney.

A name of high repute across Sydney party gourmet sector, Mushroom Catering has been operating for over a decade now since 2003. The company promised tantalizing food at highly affordable rates.

“We are glad to assure that we provide the best catering in Sydney which has catapulted us as one among the most sought after catering companies here. Freshest and tastiest foods have always been our prime concern and we duly maintain that in all catering projects, irrespective of size. Gourmet is one of the cherished attractions of any event and we promise you unforgettable parties with our succulent mouth-watering cuisine,” reported the PR personnel from Mushroom Catering.

Mushroom Catering was founded with the commitment to get tantalising & affordable cuisine for the corporate market chiefly. But soon words spread wide from happy customers and today Mushroom caters to residential clients as well. He further added, “With the mission to guarantee the best catering in Sydney, our chefs are strictly adhere to fresh natural produces procured from leading raw material vendors. We make sure to stay consistent with high end presentation & flavour. When you are working with us, you would be treated with originality & freshness at their best.”

Mushroom Catering caters to any sort of parties or events including christenings, weddings, birthday functions, BBQ parties, in-home parties, added to corporate affairs. While approached on the menu, Mushroom manager displayed an elaborate and versatile roster to address any sort of event or party. There are packages for breakfast, lunch, all-day conferences, Sandwich catering in Sydney, high tea, BBQ buffet and so on.

The manager also said, “We understand taste buds differ with customers and we promise you a diverse menu to choose from as per your exclusive taste and budget. We work with seasoned and some of the best chefs around to ensure truly sumptuous gourmet - irrespective of the package you choose.”

There is a gluten free catering package for those into special dietary routine given celiac disease and gluten intolerance. The company also caters to beverage needs such as cocktail parties. The customers would be assisted by on-site chef & substantial food boxes for stand-up cocktail parties.

Mushroom Catering extends drop-off catering, function centre catering, event catering and corporate catering services. A senior spokesman from Mushroom stressed on assisting clients with skilled chefs, courteous wait staffs as well high quality catering equipment and furniture like trestle tables.

“We always assure detailed attention for any event. We understand that your party gourmet is just not about succulent food and hence we are always ready to help you with supporting equipment and staffs. We even offer disposable items for BBQs and informal functions. Our staffs will work in collaboration with you to ensure the most successful & unforgettable party”, the spokesman added in.

About Mushroom Catering

Mushroom Catering is one of the most popular catering companies on Sydney that caters to both commercial and residential clients with versatile menu packages. For more details, visit

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Mushroom catering pride on high quality, unique and affordable cuisine. The focus is on freshness, originality and presentation with all our foods being prepared on premises daily using only the best seasonal produce. Let us play a pivotal role in the success of your function by identifying and creating an indelible impression on your guests.For more


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