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“Leverage your Best Option” Provides Insights into Alternative Mortgage FinancingFeatured PR

“Leverage your Best Options” by Grant Powell has helped hundreds of home buyers all over British Columbia to acquire insights on alternative mortgage financing.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada ( 07/07/2015
Obtaining mortgage financing can become an extremely daunting process for a common man to go through. The best way to make sure that one receives the better end of the deal is to rely on reliable source of knowledge. The idea is to make sure one find an option that helps them to pay out their mortgage while saving the maximum possible amount at the best mortgage rates in Vancouver.

“Leverage your Best Option” by Grant Powell, Lead Mortgage Broker in Vancouver, BC helps individuals understand the basics of mortgage financing and allows readers to develop an extremely positive outlook towards one’s financial situation. This simply written book enables readers to easily find the right solutions in meeting their real estate goals.

Grant Powell of the Alternative Mortgage Financing fame (AMF) introduced to readers to the concepts and principles of alternative mortgage finance which enable individuals of all immigration, employment and credit profiles to find ways to get approved financing for their property.

“This book aims to educate consumers about mortgage financing in Vancouver. Anyone who is interested in understanding the different financial products and the mortgage process will be able to learn from this guide that is written to build consumer awareness,” says Grant Powell.

With the alternative mortgage marketing grow by 25% a year, an increasing number of property buyers are opting for these options. With this book, property buyers are able to work smarter as against harder. Furthermore, this e-book also provides some insightful information on how to own real estate in BC while also saving thousands on income tax.

“Since this was the first home I was buying for myself, reading this e-book helped answer some of the most leading questions I could not find answers to. This e-book helped me learn real estate financing methods that helped me gain significant financial independence over and above a new dream home,” says a reader and homebuyer from Vancouver, BC.

It is believed that the Canadian mortgage financing industry will continue to introduce stricter guidelines in the following years. Empowered by the knowledge available in “Leverage your Best Option” buyers can navigate their way through the mortgage industry and find their dream properties.

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