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A 20% of households in Australia suffer from termite infestation. Annually, more than 130,000 new homes report a termite attack and the damage caused is quite extraordinary.
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia ( 27/07/2015
Spring is a busy season for the housing market. However, it is not just a spur in the property sales but also is the season when termite colonies seek out fresh constructions and feed upon them. The media person says that, “termite colonies grow in moist and warm environment, making Sydney and the NSW region a perfect environment for their survival.” However, living elsewhere is not a solution. Almost every region in Australia has been fighting from termite problems since ages. Termites have even been found on premises that have no contact with the ground. Subterranean termites have been seen to build colonies in high rise buildings and timber structures like lighthouses and buoys that are completely surrounded by water bodies. All they need is a constant source of moisture and warmth. Australian environment is completely suitable to their needs.

If you have been thinking how termites can enter your home through concrete slabs, know that it is the most suitable point of entry for the pests. Concrete slabs allow them to enter the property undetected and the fact that Australians are following a trend of wooden construction lately; you can expect a substantial amount of damage. From door framing, internal linings, cupboards and skirting boards, everything forms the food of these attacking colonies. The municipality of Sydney has in fact identified some specific termite prone residential zones. If you are buying a new home in Sydney, the first thing you should invest in is a first inspection from a pest control service.

Whether you are new to a Sydney residential unit or have owned one for a long time now, Forensic Pest Control offers the following tips for termite eradication:

- Well ventilated crawl spaces, attics and basements

- Immediate repair of leaking plumbing, water pipes, AC units and faucets

- Repair loose mortal and weather striping

- Directing flowing / drainage water away from the property

- Storing firewood 5 inches off the ground and 20 ft away from you home

- Avoid timber in landscaping

- Termite coating of furniture and wooden floorboards

Regular inspections by professional termite control services will help identify the first signs of intrusion and make the premises unsuitable for termite colony build-ups. Forensic Pest Control specialises termite control measures like the application of termiticides, baiting, pre-penetration termite protection techniques, Termshield URA-FEN shield, perimeter barriers, reticulation systems, active coating on outdoor slabs and eradication through the use of Termidore termite dust. It requires through understanding of termite behaviour to be able to eradicate them from your premises. Forensic Termite Control specializes in pest control solutions and has been saving Sydney homes for more than a decade now. For more details visit

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Forensic Pest Control is the leading provider of pest control services in Sydney and NSW region. It serves many residential units in and around the NSW area. The service provider specializes in termite control, spider control, bird control, rodent control and other pest management practices.


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