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DCC expands its k-rail barrier installation through public and private partnershipFeatured PR

DCC has been a fierce facilitator of k-rail barrier installation across the city of Liberty, MO. Following its initiatives and revolutionary engineering, it has found several takers in private, commercial and government infrastructures.
Liberty, Missouri, United States ( 23/09/2016
When you take a long drive across the city of Liberty, MO, the only sight that remains constant throughout is the use of k-rail barrier. Behind the engineering and installation is DCC, one of the oldest facilitators in this business. The CEO at DCC suggests that "people often overlook the opportunities with modern k-rail barriers and still opt for traditional highway and traffic safety barriers. However, it's high time that we modernize our infrastructure and k-rail barriers offer more advantages of the application".

The best example of the application can probably be drawn from the war infrastructure in Iraq. K-rail concrete barriers are being increasingly used by the military to shield from enemy attacks that include ammunitions ranging from bullet hits to grenades. Cost effectiveness and easier installation also easily makes k-rail barriers one of the best choices when it comes to city infrastructure including guard rails and parking rails. The sturdiness of the material ensures that the position of the barriers is never compromised and this ads a lot to the safety of passengers and traffic.

"The Liberty Transportation Department has already understood the multipurpose application of k-rail barriers, thanks to a wide propagation by DCC. Today, we see these safety barriers across freeways, highways and roadways, thereby acting as protection barriers and traffic buffer. In addition, k-rail barriers have also found application in places that are highly hit by natural debris - from mountain road jersey barriers to coastal highway concrete barriers. In fact, there have been several cases when k-rail barriers have been able to guard against possible accidents caused by landslides and mudslides.

The chief engineer at DCC says that the company is happy to discuss the various uses and applications of k-barriers with any stakeholder in the works department. A key element in modern infrastructure planning, k-rail barriers are the future of our roads.

About DCC

With more than 25 years of experience, DCC has been at the helm of several Fortune 500 companies, new entrepreneurial ventures and government infrastructure projects. In Liberty, MO, it has been the forerunner of traffic management and passenger safety.

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