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Terason helps Simplify Medical Diagnosis with Portable Ultrasound EquipmentFeatured PR

A leading portable ultrasound equipment manufacturer, Terason, reveals specifics of their ultrasound machines and how they benefit medical professionals.
Burlington, Massachusetts, United States ( 10/11/2016
Portable ultrasound equipment has been gaining ground in the medical industry and is being used for a myriad of clinical applications. The combination of uSmart technology and smart resolution imaging has made Terason's medical ultrasound equipment extremely popular.

Terason is a recognized ultrasound company, pioneering the manufacture of advanced portable ultrasound machines. The company was the first to patent color portable ultrasound. They continue to develop new technology and aggressively grow, with the implementation of the latest technological developments in the field of medical science. The company has its headquarters in the Boston area.

According to a spokesperson for Terason, "Since we developed the first microchip dedicated to ultrasound image processing, we have continued to define a product line known for crystal clear imagery, workhorse technology and user-friendly interface. Our uSmart platform is the fusion of all of these elements." He added that their line of products define the new look of ultrasound.

Their popular products include the t3200, uSmart 3200T, and their latest addition, the uSmart 3300. The newly-designed, power-packed uSmart 3300 ultrasound system is one smart system. It deploys the latest in technology, including a 1 TB hybrid hard drive, ultra-wide viewing angle of 170º, and a high-contrast, long-life liquid crystal display which consistently out performs its competition.

The application of several features such as Dynamic Depth Resolution, Enhanced Needle Visualization, Smart Gestures and many more has helped professionals raise the level of diagnosis and treatment they offer for their patients.

"We have shipped thousands of ultrasound systems both to clinicians and various OEM partners like Siemens, Brainlab and Endocare since 2000. Terason systems are routinely used in the fields of vascular surgery, interventional radiology, endocrinology and nephrology, and we are proud to be the market leader in the ultrasound-guided venous intervention segment," revealed the spokesperson.

In October 2015, Pope Francis personally accepted the donation of Terason's uSmart 3200T portable ultrasound system - just one of the company's goals of improving healthcare around the world and providing diagnostic capabilities to those otherwise unable to receive care. The uSmart 3200T system is specifically designed for emergency medicine and critical care diagnosis in hospital settings and remote areas.

As one of the leading medical ultrasound manufacturer's, Terason also offers a number of training and educational opportunities for professionals looking to advance their knowledge in ultrasound.

About the Terason:

Terason is committed to developing innovative portable ultrasound machines that are made with the latest advancements, features and functionality in ultrasound. For more information, visit

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About Terason

Terason, a division of Teratech Corporation began in 1994, drawing upon technology perfected at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory. Dr. Alice Chiang founded the company to apply developments in the fields of radar, sonar and telecommunications technologies to the demanding requirements of battlefield ultrasound. Recognizing that decades of breakthrough research for the Department of Defense could be applied to the challenges of mainstream ultrasound imaging, Dr. Chiang formed the Terason division.


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