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Anonymous Artist Gets His Own Art Museum In BarcelonaFeatured PR

The Museum of Liberalism Art (MOLA) in Barcelona is now dedicated to the diverse style Liberalism art created by the Anonymous artist "An Idiot".
Vilafranca del Penedes, Barcelona, Spain ( 21/11/2016
The new Museum of Liberalism Art (MOLA) in Barcelona is exclusively dedicated to the style variable Liberalism art created by the anonymous artist "An Idiot", who freed himself from creative limitations by using this pseudonym in 2012 and has been constantly developing new art styles ever since. The MOLA pre-opening will take place on 24.11.2016. The 1,200-page "Manifest of Liberalism" and 20 titles from the 100-volume series, "Liberalism Style Guide" will appear at the official opening on 08.12.2016. More information at

After two years of rebuilding the anonymous artist "An Idiot" gets his own art museum in Barcelona for his variable art styles as a building block of his "Liberalism Art World". The exhibition takes place on 3,400 m² in up to 9 meters high and 60 meters long spaces. His liberal visual art derives An Idiot from nature: "Art is creativity - creativity is variability - thus art is variability. Visual art is, in the sense of nature, the creative variability of individually created visuality," says the artist. The cosmopolitan gets inspired by various cultural and geographical regions.

The MOLA provides content-related sections: Thus, the ground floor is dedicated to the bright side, the basement to the dark side of life. Within the Africanism Gallery An Idiot recontextualizes tribal art, which thereby receives expanded interpretive variability. Another part of "Liberalism Art World" is the project "Cliff With A View," in which a cliff on the Portuguese Silver Coast is declared to be art and preserved from development. From 01.12.2016 a project space in St. Moritz will expand the museum offer.

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Museum of Liberalism Art
Av. Tarragona 112
08720 Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona

Wilhelm Fuchs


About Museum of Liberalism Art

In 1987, the artist An Idiot decided to consistently refuse to do art for a quarter of a century During this time he wanted to acquire all the skills required to establish his own world of art. THE LIBERALISM ART WORLD (LAW). The reason for this radical decision was that An Idiot did not want to submit to the obligatory dictate of the art world, to conform with so-called RECOGNISABLE STYLE. BECAUSE THIS IMPEDES CREATIVITY AND WITH IT ART.


Wilhelm Fuchs
Museum of Liberalism Art
Av. Tarragona 112
Zipcode : 08720

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