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Fairfax Business Insurance Broker Offers HR360 for Free to ClientsFeatured PR

BBG is a Fairfax based corporate insurance broker that has added HR360 as a complimentary service for their clients, all of whom will now be able to access the massive HR360 library of human resources documents for absolutely no additional fees.
Fairfax, Virginia, United States ( 09/11/2017
The Business Benefits Group is a business insurance, HR and benefits firm that believes in always finding ways to invest in their clients. This is a key guiding principle at the Fairfax business insurance company, and is one of the key reasons why BBG offers its clients HR360 for free. Client success is the foremost goal at BBG at all times, and the HR and business insurance professionals at the firm believe that providing clients with access to the comprehensive HR360 library gives them around the clock access to critical information that can help make their companies stronger.

BBG now provides all of its business insurance clients with free access to HR360. HR360 is an online portal uniquely suited to help any professional who needs to address HR matters within their company. The service is equally applicable to managers, small business owners or human resources specialists. HR360 provides a massive library of HR documents compiled by legal experts in order to help users find the answers to any HR or benefits questions they might have. The common questions in HR crop up time and again across companies and industries, and the HR360 team have attempted to provide answers to all of these questions in one library that is now available for free to all BBG clients. Topics covered include everything from hiring to safety to disciplinary action. The Fairfax business insurance company believes that by utilizing the information provided to its clients within HR360, it is possible to ensure that those firms always stay in compliance with all aspects of human resources activity.

The Business Benefits Group is a Fairfax business insurance company, located at 4069 Chain Bridge Road, Top Floor, Fairfax, VA, 22030. Although headquartered in Virginia, the team at BBG has a global reach, and can offer HR, corporate insurance and benefits assistance in any jurisdiction. In addition, HR360 provides information for both state and federal HR regulations, to allow companies based anywhere to take advantage of the document library. For those interested in learning about corporate insurance and the host of other services that BBG provides its clients above and beyond access to HR360, visit them on the web at For specific questions or to find out how BBG could benefit your business, call them at 1-844-201-3612.


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