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KPPB Law, an Atlanta law firm, is providing immigration law services to people not native to the United States.
Atlanta, Georgia, United States ( 28/02/2018
Atlanta law firm, KPPB Law, provides immigration law services to those from outside the country of the United States. Focused on both the employer and the employee, they provide their services to help guide them through the immigration law services and grant them some peace of mind knowing that their legal matters are being handled effectively. They help the immigrants and any company outside of the United States of America getting their visa through this process, which will allow them to do business in the United States. By guiding them through the immigration law processes, this Atlanta law firm hopes to shed some light on the situation and help their clients with establishing business in the United States.

The consequences of not following immigration laws can be serious and none knows it more than this Atlanta law firm. By providing their services to those that have to go through the immigration laws, they hope to allow business owners to establish themselves without facing any legal repercussions. KPPB Law, with their history of immigration law cases and their knowledge about the subject, lets those they are working with know just how important these immigration laws are and gives some insight on the company's current case, effectively helping them through the immigration law process.

As the visa application process can be difficult, KPPB Law guides various companies that hope to station their business within the United States of America through said process and allows them to get the visa they need to do business. There are several different kinds of visas that they can take, including but not limited to H1B, E Visas, and B1. Each visa has a different criteria that allows someone to obtain them and these visas help people from outside the country of the United States establish their business within the country. These visas are temporary, only lasting a couple of years. However, this Atlanta law firm is more than happy to help guide businesses through the process should they need to renew it.

KPPB Law was founded in 2003 as an Atlanta law firm and it has grown from there. Stationed in Atlanta, Georgia; Houston, Texas; and Fairfax, Virginia; KKPB Law serves small- to mid-cap companies, guiding them through various legal matters. With a variety of clientele, including those from India, this Atlanta law firm works with the minority and counsels them in various industry sectors. Their immigration services extends to all and they help them through the attorney process. Hospitality, information technology, real estate, they handle it all as they guide their clients through the attorney process and teach them how to get their business on track through legal matters. For more information, visit their website at



KPPB LAW is a mid-size law firm for all your transactional and litigation needs. KPPB LAW supports the lifecycle of businesses in the U.S. with a focus on entities that have a global footprint. KPPB law includes 19 attorneys who provide legal counsel in multiple practice areas, speak 9 languages and are available in 4 convenient locations.


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